Think You Know WHO It Will Be???...Think Again!!!

So you've been racking your brain over who Jacksonville will select with the number eight selection? And you probably have it narrowed down to at least two-three players right? Well, I'm here to throw a "potential" monkey wrench in the Mock Draft that you've worked so long and hard on!

We know that Jacksonville's "Powers-That-Be" seem dedicated to using the "Best Available Player" method with their first pick of this years draft. We also know what the Jags main areas of need are offensive line, secondary and wide receiver. Most of us have probably been combining those two methods in trying to determine who they would select at #8...Right???

That's why the first several players mentioned in this article, which deals with several of the players Jacksonville has been visiting, will come as no surprise. BUT...there are several players in ONE PARTICULAR POSITION that most have probably not been taking into consideration!!!

Well, let's start with the positions we've been anticipating...

Jordan Gross (OT-Utah) held a private workout with Jacksonville offensive line coach Paul Boudreau on March 17. You probably have him highlighted in bright yellow on your mock drafts???

Also, Jacksonville director of college scouting Gene Smith went to Iowa's Pro-Day on March 10th. Eric Steinbach (OL) & Dallas Clark (TE) are both leaving Iowa for the draft. Steinbach is expected to go somewhere in the first half of Round one. If he's the best player available at number eight and considering the "Need" he would fill...will the Jags take him?

Head coach, Jack Del Rio, was present for Miami's Pro-Day which was highlighted by such players as: Andre Johnson (WR), William Joseph (DT), Jerome McDougle (DE) and, of course, Ken Dorsey (QB). All of these players are expected to go in the first round with the exception of Dorsey. I would dare to bet most of you have at least one of these guys in your "list of potentials" for the Jags number eight don't you?

Del Rio was also present at the Florida State Pro-Day where there are nine players leaving for the draft this year. The top guys are (WRs) Anquan Boldin and Talman Gardner, (OG) Montrae Holland, (OTs) Brett Williams & Todd Williams and (DE) Alonzo Jackson. This is just FYI since Gardner, B. Williams and Holland probably won't be selected until the end of the first day. The others will probably go on the second day.

Jacksonville's Linebacker coach, Mike Haluchak, visited Fresno State where LB-Sammy Williams is leaving for the Draft. This also is simply FYI, since the Jags would not select him in the first round. But, after his very impressive work out, teams took notice and he will be selected much higher now than most teams were anticipating.

Now, this is where things get kind of interesting...

Jaguars QB coach, Ken Anderson, went to California on March 13. He was obviously there to check out QB-Kyle Boller who's draft stock is just flying through the roof. But, is his stock high enough for the Jags to take him at number eight because at this point he may very well not be around when they pick in the second round. Yet they are still checking him out....hmmmmm. Anderson was also present at Chris Simm's (QB-Texas) private work out on March 18. Now I can't see the Jags taking Simms in the first round...but are you beginning to see a pattern here?

Carson Palmer (QB-USC) is scheduled to work out for the Jaguars on March 27. There is also growing speculation that Cincinnati may not select Palmer with their #1 overall selection...would that shock you? Would it shock you even more if Jacksonville DID???

So since they're obviously keeping such a close eye the this year's top QBs, you can bet that the Jaguars were checking out Rex Grossman (QB-FLorida) while they were visiting the Gator's Pro-Day. How would Jacksonville Locals take to that? But again numbe reight???

Well then what about Byron Leftwich (QB-Marshall) you ask frantically?

Hey slow down there partner. Give 'em a chance.

Leftwich will work out at Marshall's Pro Day on April 7. And, considering their obvious interest in the top QBs so far, I would be willing to bet that Jacksonville will have either Anderson or another capable Jaguar representative there to check him out too!

Now for the many us who worked so long and hard on our mock drafts and simply ignored the quarterback position as a possibility for Jacksonville's first selection...

Does this mean back to the drawing board???

Bill "Spooboy" Cavanaugh -Jags Insider

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