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Tony Pauline, the TFY Draft expert, will answer questions e-mailed in or posted related to the Jaguars each week up until the college draft. Click here to read his answers for this week.

My first question is who will the Jags pick in the first round of the draft? My second question is what is going to happen to Donovan Darius?

Derek from Orange Park, FL.

They just signed Darius yesterday. They desperately want Terrance Newman and feel he could slip to their spot. Andre Johnson is choice 1B for them. In the end they would be happy with Marcus Trufant.

With Brunell aging and missing a few games each of the past couple of seasons, would the Jags be looking at drafting the "quarterback of the future"?

Ryan Davis Round Rock, Texas

I'm not sure if Coach Del Rio will keep the same roll-out type west coast offensive that Coughlin used, but would they be looking at a pocket passer or a scrambler. Kliff Kingsbury of Texas Tech and Rex Grossman of Florida would 2 great choices that could learn enormous amounts of information from Brunell's experience.

Early in the season Dave Ragone was high on their list in round one but he slipped and the prior administration is no longer there. If a top rated guy falls to them in round two they would consider him though they still hold out hope for David Garrard.

Are the Jaguars targeting the best available athlete? And can you possibly name some of those that they might draft in the first round?

Josh from Jacksonville

see above

What do u think the Jaguars biggest need going into this draft is?

Mike from Jacksonville


What offensive lineman will the Jaguars target?

Bo from Tampa

They are happy with their future at tackle. A big run blocking guard like Torrin Tucker would be nice but he will not fall to their laps in round three and it is unlikely they take him in the second.

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