Garrard Expected to Make a Full Recovery

David Garrard got a scare Sunday night when his left wrist swelled up after the 24-20 loss to the Giants.

"I never really had too many injuries that felt like it did, especially around my wrist and my arm. I was pretty worried, but when I got in here Monday, it felt better," Garrard said.

Even though Garrard was wearing a splint on his left wrist Monday, he expects to play against Tennessee and doesn't expect to wear a splint in the game.

"They might put a little pre-wrap, a little tape, but other than that, I don't see anything else," he said.

Garrard also said he expects the swelling to go down.

"It should. I'm telling my body to make sure it happens so we'll see," he said.

Garrard said both an X-ray and a MRI revealed there are no broken bones in his wrist.

"Yeah, everything was negative," he said. "Everything was good. I actually got to see it myself, so I'm happy about that. Once we get the swelling out of there, it'll be ready to roll."

When coach Jack Del Rio was asked if he expected Garrard to practice Wednesday, he said, "I also anticipated having Eugene (Monroe) last week. So much for my anticipation meaning a whole lot."

Del Rio said last week he was shocked when Monroe wasn't cleared to play because of a minor concussion.

He then added, "He's (Garrard) a little sore, but I think he's going to be OK. And it's on his non-throwing wrist."

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