Jones-Drew Answers the Bell

Five and counting. Heading into the final four games of the season, Maurice Jones-Drew has rushed for 100 yards five games in a row after doing it just twice in the previous 14 games dating back to last season.

If Jones-Drew continues that pace in the final four games of the season, they have a good chance of winning their first division title since 1999.

Jones-Drew will face the Oakland Raiders, who improved their ranking from 28th to 23rd in rush defense Sunday when San Diego ran eight times for only 21 yards.

Jones-Drew is coming of the best game of his career, a 186-yard effort against Tennessee in a 17-6 victory.

Coach Jack Del Rio had challenged Jones-Drew to get 150 yards a few weeks ago.

That challenge doesn't stop now that he has reached it. He responded well to the challenge.

"We started talking about that five weeks ago and I think that is five straight over 100 and he is coming on, playing really good football for us," Del Rio said.

When Del Rio was asked why he picked 150, he said, "I didn't give it that much thought on why 150. It's not a magical number. I can't pretend to take it that far."

Jones-Drew said, "It's a challenge, definitely a challenge. Week after week, you want to please your head coach and please all the players around you."

Del Rio said, "Obviously, Maurice Jones-Drew was special today and we rode him hard. He had a superb game. I talked about him being a champion and having the heart of a champion and part of that is having the humility."

Del Rio added, "The team was kind of celebrating his day and everybody wanted him to say something and the first thing he said was that it is all about the offensive line and you guys did a great job for me today. That kind of humility is really what this group of guys has been about, unselfish, hardworking, committed, staying together, getting better."

The 186-yard effort was a career-high for Jones-Drew, topping the 177 he had against the Titans last year.

Jones-Drew wouldn't say it was one of his best days.

"It's hard to say that when I had the guys in front of me doing what they did today. I only had to make one guy miss most of the time. Guys are running downfield blocking, doing a great job of keeping guys off of me. Receivers did a great job of getting down on their safeties. That performance was a total team effort. I know I was carrying the ball but without those guys blocking and Greg Jones sometimes sealing a guy off, it wouldn't have happened. I couldn't have done it by myself," he said.

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