Jags Could Get Help

The Jaguars, who lost control of their own playoff destiny with a 34-24 loss to the Indianapolis Colts last Sunday, need to beat the Washington Redskins Sunday to keep their flickering playoff hopes alive. But they'll also need help.

If they beat the Redskins, they will then be rooting for the Oakland Raiders to beat the Colts. If that happens, the Jaguars could then win the division title by beating the Texans in Houston in their season finale.

"We'll hope for a little help," defensive tackle Terrance Knighton said.

There'll be an interesting sidelight to the game because former Florida quarterback Rex Grossman is likely to be starting for the Redskins.

The loss dropped the Jaguars to 8-6, the same record they had last year at this point and they lost their last two games to the Patriots and Browns.

The Redskins have the worst defense in the league and rank 26th in rushing the ball, but the Colts were the worst team in the league rushing the ball and still outgained the Jaguars on the ground 155-67.

Maurice Jones-Drew, who came in questionable with a knee injury, rushed for only 46 yards in 15 carries. He said the knee wasn't a problem but defensive end Jeremy Mincey said they could see he wasn't himself.

Donald Brown of the Colts ran 14 times for 129 yards, including runs of 49 yards and 43 yards for a touchdown.

Coach Jack Del Rio said it was a matter of poor tackling and leverage, but the Colts won the battle in the trenches, and also crossed up the Jaguars when quarterback Peyton Manning checked to runs when the Jaguars were thinking he was going to pass.

Brown said, "When teams are putting six DBs (the Jaguars usually had five) out there, we need to be able to run the ball. When you are in the secondary and it is the first time you're getting touched, that makes for a great day. From the line, to the wide receivers to the tight ends, they did a phenomenal job blocking."

Knighton said, "Peyton did a good job of mixing it up and kept us on our heels at times. I don't know if we were missing tackles or out of our gap. It's disappointing, but not crushing. We played well enough (this year) to still be in the hunt."

But this wasn't the finish the Jaguars expected.

"I expected to be here with a division crown captured," Del Rio said at his post-game press conference. "It didn't happen."

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