5 Reasons Why Retaining JDR Was a Good Move

After some deliberation, Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver decided to retain the services of head coach Jack Del Rio. We are going to examine the reasons why this was a good move.

1. They overachieved. Jacksonville was picked to finish dead last in the AFC South by most experts, and at the end of the day an 8-8 record isn't terrible. Sure, they fell flat down the stretch, but they probably shouldn't have won eight games with that roster.

2. Good in close games. The Jaguars posted a 5-2 record in games decided by seven points or less. Translation: they were not out-coached in close games and the lop-sided losses were more of a factor of the talent disparity between the Jaguars and their opponents.

3. Unreliable quarterback play. David Garrard is David Garrard. He's pretty good against the bad defenses and can't beat the elite. It's hard to be anything more than mediocre when the head coach is saddled with a mediocre quarterback.

4. All about the money. It's not financially responsible for Wayne Weaver to pay Jack Del Rio $10 million over the next two years and still have to pay another coaching staff to coach his team.

5. The lockout. With the possibility of a work stoppage, there would be considerably less time for a new coaching staff to integrate their system. The team would be behind the proverbial eight-ball entering a crucial year.

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