NFLPA Game Watch List- Offense

The Jaguars have plenty of scouts and executives in San Antonio this week for the NFLPA Game, formerly known as the Texas vs. The Nation Game. Although many of the names are less than the household variety, the Jaguars purged this game a couple years ago as they found Terrance Knighton, William Middleton, Zach Potter and Zach Miller. Find out who is on our watch list this week.

QB's- Taylor Potts, T.J. Yates - Yates is particularly intriguing as he played well this year despite not achieving a lot of team success. Arm strength will be an issue for both of these guys, but if it's determined that they can make all the throws they could be a pair of late-round developmental players.

RB's- Mario Fannin, Damien Berry - Two of the highest profile players in this game, both haven't lived up to lofty expectations throughout their college careers. Although the Jaguars seem set at running back, competition is never a dirty word.

WR's- Derrell Johnson-Koulianos, Andre Holmes, Jeremy Ross - "DJK", is an ultra-productive wide receiver who has had off the field issues, leaving him playing in this game. Those issues will allow a team to get a solid talent for a great value....Holmes is a big, basketball player type of receiver as he projects to be a possession guy at 6'5", 205 lbs....Ross is a utility guy who lined up at WR, RB and returned kicks while at Cal.

TE's- Andre Smith, Virginia Tech - Smith may be the best blocking tight end in this draft as the 6'4", 272 lb. could be used in "heavy packages". Also a special teams ace, Smith may be go as high as the middle rounds.

OT's- D.J. Young, Derek Newton - Both are big, developmental prospects on the offensive line and a team simply can't have too many offensive tackles.

OL- Tim Barnes, Jake Kirkpatrick - Both centers were crucial to their team's offensive success this year and both should develop into long-term starters on the middle of the offensive line. If Jacksonville decides to go with a defensive player or a skill position early, either one of these guys would be a good fit around the fourth or fifth rounds.

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