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Find out what made Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver decide to hire defensive line coach Joe Cullen and see how a pair of Pro Bowlers got down in Hawaii.

Goodell Helped Hire Cullen

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has made quite an impact since taking over for Paul Tagliabue prior to the 2006 season. Goodell has made news by implementing his tough personal conduct policy which allows him to fine or even suspend players whose actions reflect poorly upon the league even if they haven't been charged with any crimes.

Goodell has also been harshly criticized for the re-emphasis on helmet-to-helmet contact, which some believe has softened the violent game that America has grown such a passion for. Goodell has fined players such as James Harrison nearly every week with the hope to make the game safer.

"We need to make the game as safe as we can, and we're learning a lot about head injuries," Goodell said in a fan forum. "We have a lot more to learn, but anything we can do to decrease the risk of injury—invest in the best equipment, [use] the best research, make rules that promote safety as much as possible—we're not going to compromise on it."

Without a doubt, Goodell has more impact on the game of football then his predecessor, Paul Tagliabue and when he talks things seem to get done. His influence reached all the way down to Jacksonville when Goodell's ringing endorsement of disgraced defensive line coach Joe Cullen allowed Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver to give Cullen a second chance.

"Roger called and gave a very strong recommendation," Jacksonville owner Wayne Weaver said to Peter King of Sports Illustrated. "We would not have hired Joe without that recommendation."

Joe Cullen was pulled over and arrested for a DUI after being cited for indecent exposure after driving through a Wendy's drive-through, short of his apparel. In Cullen's first season in Jacksonville, he helped the team nearly double it's sack total from 14 in 2009 to 26 in 2010.

Pro Bowl Scorers

First-time Jaguars Pro Bowlers Marcedes Lewis and Montell Owens made the most of their trip to paradise. Lewis completed the finest season of his professional career by catching a 28-yard touchdown pass from Philip Rivers in the AFC's 55-41 loss.

Montell Owens made his trip to Hawaii memorable as he bested his teammate as he scored not one, but two touchdowns. In the third quarter, Owens scooped a fumble and scored from eight yards out and he later caught a seven-yard touchdown pass from Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel.

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