Nate Solder Q & A

NFL analyst Charlie Bernstein sits down with Colorado offensive tackle Nate Solder in this exclusive interview. Find out how Solder has dealt with adversity throughout his collegiate career.

Charlie Bernstein: What is your preferred position on the next level?

Nate Solder: If they want me to play anywhere, that's what I'll do. Wherever they need me.

CB: How tall are you exactly?

NS: I'm 6'9"

CB: What was your senior season like at Colorado?

NS: My season was basically focused on the team's success. I did some good things but that didn't make me feel any better about only winning five games. I would've much rather had won 10 or 11 games and be in a bowl and rather be talking about that rather than talking about personal achievements.

CB: Do you believe that your lack of team success has made you a tougher player who's more prepared for adversity?

NS: I'm war-tested, war-hardened. I think a lot of times you got a guy that's on a winning team that say his status is based upon the success of his team. I just have never had that status based on my team so anything I've achieved or created has been in a tough environment because there's been a lot of negativity about coaches and those sort of things.

CB: Who is the best defensive player you've ever lined up against?

NS: I always think back to Brian Orakpo, and then last year was Von Miller. There's been several guys that are tough, I feel every week I'm up against a new challenge.

CB: What do you need to improve on?

NS: Everything I want to do I need to get better at. The things I think I do well is that I have good footwork and I move pretty well. The way that's going to translate is maybe my pass protection and hopefully that's a good translation into the NFL.

CB: If I'm an NFL GM, why should I select you in the first round?

NS: It would be a mistake not to, it really would. I think I'm going to be a good team guy. I'm going to be a solid dude for 15 years that will be your left tackle.

CB: 15 years?

NS: I'd love to extend my career as long as I can and if that's what the organization is looking for then I'm the guy.

Nate Solder is projected as a Top Three tackle in this class and should be selected in the first two rounds of April's draft.

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