Injured Jags Hope To Be Back at 100%

The Sports Xchange updates how a pair of Jaguars starters lost for the season are progressing with their recovery. There is also a ticket sales update with quotes from Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver.

Defensive end Aaron Kampman has learned from his rehab from a torn ACL a year ago.

Since he was a free agent last year, he got rid of his crutches shortly after getting the surgery to speed up rehab. He learned dumping the crutches early hurt the rehab.

This year, he stayed on crutches for a month and it helped.

"I feel stronger than I was the last time," he said. "It just depends on what it is. I have two different programs that I kind of work on. One that's more difficult, one that's more aerobically focused, endurance minded ... just a lot of leg strength. A lot of lunges. All different actions and planes. I'm doing a lot of things in the pool. I have gills," he said.

Last year, he missed the OTAs and usually only worked one practice a day at camp.

Of course, this year it is uncertain if there will be OTAs or training camp because of the uncertain labor strife.

But once the games resume, the Jaguars need Kampman because they are thin at defensive end. Even when he doesn't get sacks, he puts pressure on the quarterback and keeps him from getting too comfortable in the pocket.

Kampman lasted only half a season before he went down with his second torn ACL in as many years.

This year, they hope he lasts the whole season. Kampman suffered the injury in a non-contact drill in practice last Nov. 11.

Offensive tackle Eben Britton is rehabbing a torn labrum at the University of Arizona where he is finishing his degree in creative writing.

The Jaguars approved Britton training in Arizona but it may soon be a moot point because if the players are locked out, they will not be allowed to rehab at the team's facilities.

Britton said the surgery on the torn labrum also corrected a problem he has lived with since high school where he suffered from a partial dislocation in his shoulder or subluxation. He would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night to find it dislocated and he would pop it back in.

Now the entire shoulder feels better.

"It just feels 100 times more stable than it ever did," he said. "I feel mentally like I could jump back into bench pressing and trying to lift weights that are as heavy as I used to lift. I have to remind myself if I can't do that yet."

Like Aaron Kampman, Britton may have a long time to rehab because it is uncertain when a new CBA will be hammered out.

The Jaguars don't know if the entire season will be played, but they're already busy selling tickets. They've told fans the tickets will be refunded with interest if any games are canceled.

They held their Team Teal rally kickoff last week that was attended by about 800 fans. They were greeted by owner Wayne Weaver, coach Jack Del Rio and former Jaguars tackle Tony Boselli, who is unpaid commissioner for Team Teal.

Del Rio told the fans, "We want you all to have a home playoff game."

Boselli got the fans cheering when he called the pundits who question the Jaguars' support as "nimwitted, lazy media member."

The Jaguars' support is being questioned because they are still having problems selling premium club seats and many of them are across the field from the TV cameras and those empty seats don't help the team's image. Even Weaver called them an "eyesore."

But the Jaguars didn't have any blackouts last year after blacking out all but one the previous season.

Having another blackout free season is their main goal.

QUOTE TO NOTE: "We're set. We're full as a staff." -- Coach Jack Del Rio on hiring his third quarterback coach, Mike Sheppard, in the last few weeks.

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