Teams showing interest in Vince Young

The Tennessee Titans are still intent on trading Vince Young, which is why GM Mike Reinfeldt spent considerable time looking at quarterbacks during the NFL Scouting Combine. What's his game plan?

The Tennessee Titans have a perfectly good quarterback on their roster. What they don't have is a future with Vince Young.

That's undoubtedly why general manager Mike Reinfeldt spent considerable time checking out quarterbacks at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. Reinfeldt told Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean newspaper that the team plans in-depth evaluations of eight or nine QBs before the draft in April.

"It is a very interesting class," Reinfeldt said, "with some very talented guys at the top, but I think there's probably some question marks with all of them, and that is what we need to decide on in the next two months, to resolve those question marks and figure out what they are. But I think it is a very talented group."

Quarterback is an area of concern for the Titans because of their decision to part ways with Young. Former coach Jeff Fisher and Young had well-documented disputes, but even though Fisher is gone, the team has still decided to dump VY.

Not surprisingly, there's interest, meaning the Titans won't have to release him.

"We've had some discussions," Reinfeldt said. "But nothing is imminent with him. There is some (interest), but it is hard, though." (Young is due a $4.25-million bonus on the 10th day of the new league year, although no one knows when that will be if there's a lockout.)

Reinfeldt also didn't discount the possibility the Titans might find their quarterback on the open market. "I think there's still a possibility we'll sign someone in free agency or get a veteran guy in a trade," he said. "And then the choice will be finding value, whether it is in the first, second or third round, where we end up taking a quarterback in the draft."

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