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How could new rule changes alter the Jaguars plans with the draft and the roster? Which particular test may change Jacksonville's plan for their future signal caller? How will free agency play a role in strengthening the Jaguars roster for next year? Find out inside the Jaguars Premium Blog.

Kickoffs May Be Moved, So Could Karim and Underwood

The Jaguars spent two late-round draft picks last April, and another in 2009 on trying to add explosiveness to their return game. The results have been mediocre at best, and players such as Tiquan Underwood, Deji Karim and Scotty McGee may have to explore their additional skill sets as the NFL is considering moving kickoffs up to the 35-yard line, and touchbacks up to the 25-yard line.

"Today, the average start line is about the 27, maybe 27.6 or 27.7, and so what we are saying is if you do have the ability to create a touchback, you are not gaining any great advantage by putting them back at the 20," committee chairman Rich McKay said. "We are moving it to the 25. We think that there is a balance for the return team in the sense that we are moving the people that cover the kicks, they are moving up almost 15 yards from where they start. So, instead of getting that running start they once had, they won't have that ability. They will only be able to get a 5-yard running start instead of a 15-yard running start. We want to see how it plays itself out. We can't really tell you with great certainty where the average start line will be, but we think it will be closer to what it has been historically than you think the change might bring."

The potential of moving kickoffs up would create more touchbacks and thus negate the role of specialized return men. With the three Jaguars draft picks struggling in that particular role, and Underwood and McGee not showing that they can do anything else, their roster spots would certainly appear to be in even more jeopardy.

Does Intelligence Play A Role At Quarterback?

With NFL defenses getting more and more complex, intelligence appears to be at a premium at the quarterback position. In a league where the quarterback has to be much more than a game manager, decision making is becoming just as important as arm strength and mobility.

Jaguars fans have seen their fair share of questionable decisions from the quarterback position since David Garrard took over in 2006. Garrard's Wonderlic score of 14 was one of the lowest in his draft class back in 2002, and he remains the lowest of any NFL starter, negating many of his staggering athletic abilities.

Alfie Crow of Big Cat released the scores of some of the current quarterbacks from this draft class.

Greg McElroy - 43 Blaine Gabbert - 42 Christian Ponder - 35 Ricky Stanzi - 30 Andy Dalton - 26 Cameron Newton - 21 Jake Locker - 20

Draft decisions should not be solely based on a Wonderlic score, but if all other things are equal, most teams would like to have the more intelligent guy.

Soft Safety Class Will Cause the Jags to Focus On Free Agency

After the last few years of impact safeties, this 2011 draft class seems to lack any kind of star power at the position. With the Jaguars having one of the worst safety situations in league history after deciding to let players such as Deon Grant and Gerald Sensabaugh go in recent seasons, they may have to improve the position in free agency.

UCLA safety Rahim Moore is considered the finest in the draft at his position, but he is far from a lock to become an opening day starter in this league as a rookie. On top of somewhat mediocre skills, any of the rookies could have an extra strike against them as there may be no offseason workouts due to the labor situation, thus making it more difficult for rookies at any position to contribute right away.

Free agency may be more important than ever this year (assuming there is a labor agreement and free agency). Players such as San Diego's Eric Weddle and Philadelphia's Quentin Mikell will be sought after commodities for teams needing help at the position. It will be doubly as important for the Jaguars to land some help being that they missed out on street free agents Bob Sanders and O.J. Atogwe who signed with the Chargers and Redskins respectively.

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