Clearing The Smoke

The Jaguars front office is blowin' more smoke than a crack addict who feels that happiness is nothing more than a warm bong!!! What am I referring to? The current quarteback controversy in Jacksonville.

Recently, there has been much speculation concerning several quarterback issues including Mark Brunell's stalled contract talks and rumors of Jacksonville's front office taking a quaterback with their No. 8 selection...even talk of them trading up in order to do so!!!

I say it's nothing more than a big, fat smoke screen!

Still unsure??? Consider this.

1) I feel Brunell's new contract has been stalled purposely for that very reason. Brunell probably is even aware of this and is playing along with the game, knowing his contract will get done shortly following the draft.

2) The Jags showing so much interest in drafting one of the top quaterbacks is simply a ploy to get other teams (such as Baltimore) to trade up into the top seven in order to get their guy. The Jags recent off-season acquisitions (headed by Hugh Douglas) leads me to believe they are not in a re-building mode, but in an attack mode...which drafting a quaterback in the first round this year and letting Brunell go just doesn't jive.

3) Garrard is a great fit into Musgrave's West Coast Offense (having played it in college) as was shown by the recent mini camp. He will continue to be groomed behind Brunell and may very well become our quaterback of the future and will prove to be an even better back-up for Brunell this year than last year.

4) The Jags will not trade up in this draft for any quaterback or any other player. They will stay put at No. 8 and take a best available player such as Trufant or Gross (I'm currently leaning towards Trufant), or they may even choose to trade down for additional first day picks.

5) The Jags may still draft a quaterback this year, but not with their first pick.

I must admit...they are doing an excellent job with their smoke screen, and they would have even done better if they had hid their enthusiasm over Garrard's success in mini-camp. Hopefully they will succeed in having another team trade into the top sevenin order to get their guy. If they do, we'll have to applaud our new front office guys and give them their due props!!!

I have to agree with the Ohio Players funk...

"I'm about to choke from the smoke...need to tighten up my stroke" - Fire

...can you feel it???

Bill "spooboy" Cavanaugh

- Jags Insider

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