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Although the NFL Owners and players are supposedly negotiating to end the lockout, there are no mini-camps or transactions going on which makes the NFL tougher to report on. We've gathered some of the interesting Jaguars news around the web and linked it up here for your enjoyment.

Do the Jaguars need more Jennings on third down?

Maurice Jones-Drew has been the ultimate all-purpose running back and the diminutive star earned his first Pro Bowl selection last season despite missing the team's final two games. That said, Jones-Drew's numbers were down on third-down according to Doug Farrar of Yahoo Sports and Football Outsiders.

Our take: The Jaguars best offensive play is when Maurice Jones-Drew touches the football--on any down.

Get Your Clipboard Ready

Everyone knows that first-round pick Blaine Gabbert is the future of the Jaguars quarterback position. What we don't know is exactly when the future will begin for the Jaguars. The lack of offseason workouts are hurting the rookie's chances to start immediately and may keep starting quarterback David Garrard in his current tax bracket. Fox Sports NFL Analyst Adam Caplan believes that Gabbert has missed too much time to be the Jags opening day starter.

Our take: If there's a full training camp, Gabbert should beat out David Garrard and win the starting quarterback job. Going with Garrard for another year costs Owner Wayne Weaver too much money for another .500 season.

Garrard is Welcoming the Challenge from Gabbert

David Garrard is saying all the right things this offseason about the Jaguars situation and his competition who will eventually take his job. Find out Alfie Crow's take from Big Cat Country.

Our take: Garrard is in a no-win situation, if he blasts the team for the selection he will be deemed as a "me-first guy." He knows the score and he knows what's about to happen.

Gene Smith Sees the Defensive End Position as a Strength

The Jaguars have spent plenty of resources, either via the draft or free agency on finding a pass rush. General Manager Gene Smith likes the collection of talent they have entering the 2011 season. Find out what John Oesher wrote in his piece

Our take: The team needs someone who can hit the quarterback and Jacksonville's leading sacker had 4.5 last year. Changes in scheme or personnel are necessary.

What Can We Expect for 2011?

Charlie Bernstein and John Crist get together and answer some of the Jaguars biggest questions concerning their immediate future. We talk draft, late-season collapses, the futures of Jack Del Rio and David Garrard, as well as the wide receiver position.

Our take: Find out.

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