QB Competition Has Begun for Jags

David Garrard is being as accommodating as possible for rookie signal caller Blaine Gabbert. Garrard is showing a great attitude toward a guy who will take his job, sooner or later. Find out how the competition is going.

There were 28 members of the Jacksonville Jaguars at player-organized workouts Wednesday (June 8, including quarterback Blaine Gabbert and wide receiver Cecil Shorts.

Because both rookies are too young to rent cars, quarterback David Garrard allowed them to use one of his cars, which is a Mercedes.

"I think it is worth more than every car I've owned combined, so I'm being pretty careful with it," Gabbert said.

Gabbert was also pleased with the instruction and help he received from Garrard and backup quarterback Luke McCown.

Said Gabbert, "Everything I've heard about David and Luke is that they're first-class (guys) and my opinion on that hasn't changed. They've been extremely welcoming. It is a great situation to be in."

Of Gabbert, Garrard said, "He's a good looking kid. He's got a good arm and he's a very smart kid who is going to have a bright future in Jacksonville."

As for helping him, Garrard said, "If I was shunning the rookie and not wanting to help him, to me I would feel I'm a hypocrite because I am a team player. I said it before, if he's better than me, he should play. The team should have the best guys out there on the field."

Of course, Garrard believes he will be that guy.

He said of Gabbert winning the job, "I am going to make it extremely hard for that to happen."

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