Weaver to Brunell: One Year More...That's It!

There is a lot of speculation on the future of Mark Brunell since the drafting of Bryon Leftwich. According to a good source, the end of Brunell's playing days on the First Coast might be sooner than later.

Well...the speculation is all but over.

"Do you believe this?" Brunell told CBS Sportsline.com said. "After eight years, it's comes to this?"

Believe what?

This week Jaguars owner, Wayne Weaver, in no uncertain terms informed Brunell that this would be his last season playing for the Jaguars.

"He said I'd be his guy for this year, and that's it," Brunell said. "I don't know what it is with this organization. Guys that have been here, the core guys like Fred Taylor and Jimmy Smith and me, have such a tough time with negotiations with them, but that wasn't the case with guys like Bryce Paup and Carnell Lake. It doesn't make any sense at all."

So, why do I say that the speculation is all but over?

At least three teams have already contacted Jacksonville regarding acquiring Brunell.

Dallas is one of those teams and there has been a lot of "Brunell Buzz" being heard....Deep in the heart of Texas!!!

Baltimore, who unsuccessfully tried to acquire Byron Leftwich before Jacksonville in the Draft, may also be a forerunner for Brunell's services this season. It is said that Baltimore Coach, Brian Billick, is a big Brunell fan and may want to have him as a mentor for newly acquired Rookie Quarterback Kyle Boller.

Carolina, Arizona and Chicago could also be teams checking out Brunell's new situation.

Brunell has been the Heart & Soul of the Jacksonville Jaguars since their first year in 1995.

Referring to the way he was being dealt with, Brunell exclaimed, "I still can't believe this is what's happening".

Neither can a lot of your long-time dedicated fans...Mark.

Bill "Spooboy" Cavanaugh

- Jags Insider

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