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The Jaguars have plenty of salary cap room this year, how might they use it? Are the Jaguars going to be able to count on Eben Britton this season? Who is winning the quarterback competition? Find out inside.

All Capped In

Where some teams are cutting veteran talent to save cap room the Jaguars have none of those concerns. According to's Jason LaCanfora, the Jaguars are sitting more than $28 million under the salary cap.

So what will the team do with these available funds?

Likely nothing, at least not right now. Just because the Jaguars are under the cap doesn't mean they need to spend the money, at least not right away. The salary minimum of 89 percent of the $120 million cap doesn't take into effect until the 2013 season so teams such as Jacksonville don't have to spend recklessly to try and meet the minimum.

This could also mean that they're not finished cutting salaries. The Jaguars are one of the lowest revenue teams in the league and they expect to have major issues selling tickets this year. If certain veteran players likely won't play a full season and earn high dollars, it doesn't make fiscal sense for the Jaguars to keep those guys.

You may have an idea who we're talking about.

Garrard Fighting For His Career

Jaguars quarterback David Garrard can see the writing on the wall. After his third straight December collapse the team traded up in the first round to draft his replacement, Blaine Gabbert.

Garrard received the support of teammate Maurice Jones-Drew in the offseason as the Pro Bowl running back blasted the team's selection. Garrard also received a vote of confidence by head coach Jack Del Rio.

As Jaguars fans know, both endorsements can be taken with little more than a grain of salt.

Garrard's stiff back after struggling during the first week and a half of camp has left the door wide open for Gabbert to take his job sooner rather than later. The rookie quarterback didn't disappoint in his first preseason start as he showed plenty of poise and put up numbers better than Garrard's first start last season, his ninth season.

Garrard knows that he won't win back the job that is his to lose unless he can get out on the football field and that's what he's doing now.

"I don't feel like I'm quite 100 percent, but I'm in the 90's," Garrard told reporters. "There's been plenty of times that I have been in the 90's for many games and nobody has ever known."

Garrard knows the score. The team spends a first-round pick at your position and you have one of the highest salary cap numbers on the team, after you've been overpaid for the last three years. He knows that this year isn't completely guaranteed and he must win the job now.

Will Garrard step up like he did in 2007 to snatch the job away from Byron Leftwich or will he pretend it's December and play his worst football? We'll find out in the next three weeks.

Britton Is A Concern

Eben Britton hasn't participated since early in training camp and the prognosis doesn't look great.

"Yeah, he's still down," Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio said when asked about his young right tackle.

Although Britton was having an off-year in 2010 before tearing his labrum, the Jaguars had high hopes for him in 2011. The hopes were so high that they failed to address depth at the position either via free agency or the draft. With utility tackle Kevin Haslam going down for the season in the team's scrimmage there really isn't much to like on the outside of the Jacksonville line.

If Britton can't go the team is left with such also-rands as Guy Whimper and Daniel Baldridge. With "slim pickens'" available in the free agency market the Jaguars may just be stuck if Eben Britton is going to need surgery.

"I think at some point we'll disclose more but at this point I'd say that he's not going to practice," Del Rio said about Britton.

When the head coach is tight-lipped, it's never a good thing regarding an injury. Without solid depth on the line, the Jaguars may have major issues at a position which appeared to be of strength.

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