Jags Confident Despite Preseason Struggles

The Jaguars looked about as bad offensively as a team could look through the majority of their four preseason games. That part of the season is behind them and they believe that things will change on Sunday.

Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio isn't going to try to convince anyone that the Jaguars will be a better team this year than they showed in the preseason when they sputtered to a 1-3 record.

"I don't try and draw conclusions based on certain things that play out during the preseason. I'm more concerned with preparing this football team for what we've got coming up this fall. We've had a plan, we've worked the plan. I feel good about the work that's gone in. We feel like we have an improved football team that is ready to have a good year," he said.

Tight end Marcedes Lewis, though, is ready to give an explanation of why the team will be better than it was in the preseason. They're a running team that likes to wear teams down and it is difficult to do that with the starters only playing on occasion.

"I'm excited we're actually going to play a full game and wear on a team that way," Lewis said.

The Jaguars didn't look it in the preseason, but Lewis said they have their best offense since 2007 when they posted their only playoff win of the last decade.

"That's when we had Fred (Taylor) and Maurice (Jones-Drew) going back to back taking turns at killing people," he said.

Of this year's team, he said, "We have a good mixture of guys who understand their roles. It's us now. It's not we're in there for a quarter, we're in there for 10 plays and we're out and we really can't get any rhythm and can't do the things we want to do."

He said things will be different Sunday, starting with the energy level.

"In the preseason, it's hard to get that because you have so many guys playing at different tempos for whatever reason. You have guys out there playing for their lives to get jobs. You have guys that know they have jobs and are not playing as hard. So many factors go into it so it's hard to get a good reading," he said.

He also likes the chemistry of the team.

"It's important to have great people around here who want to be here, who want to win a championship and not just collect a check. We have guys who continue to fight for what's right and not guys who get complacent and want to collect a check and eat lunch," he said.

The Jaguars start finding out Sunday if things will be different than they were in the preseason. They have a chance at a 3-2 start because they have Tennessee, Carolina and Cincinnati in the first five games sandwiched around games with the Jets and Saints.

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