Luke Or Blaine? Del Rio Won't Say

Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio has been known to make surprising decisions with his quarterback position. Right now he's being tight-lipped on who the starter will be when the Jaguars face the Panthers on Sunday.

Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio isn't ready to name his start quarterback for Sunday's game at Carolina.

Del Rio was asked several different ways Monday whether Luke McCown was going to retain the starting job after throwing four interceptions against the Jets and getting yanked for rookie Blaine Gabbert.

Del Rio kept declining to answer the question.

"The only thing I'd like to say at this point today is that we're evaluating the tape," he said. "We will let you know when it's appropriate."

When he was asked if the quarterbacks need to know by Wednesday when they begin practicing for the Carolina game, he said, "Philosophy and thoughts and who might it be and what is the best approach, there's really no good answer that's going to ultimately be the best answer or going to solve everything today as we sit here Monday, the day after the game. Like I said, when there's a decision made and we feel it is appropriate to notify you, we'll let you now."

He also said, "I know there's more inquiring minds want to know. When there is information to give you, we'll provide it. There's really not a lot of benefit for our football team to sit here and play the speculative game with you all on what may or may not happen or when something may or may not occur so we're not going to do that today."

But by not making a decision, Del Rio is leaving the whole matter up in the air.

"We're just as clueless as you guys are," wide receiver Mike Thomas said. "From a receiver's standpoint, I think you would want to know as early as possible."

Wide receiver Jarett Dillard said, "If we know by Wednesday, that's better than knowing by Thursday and of course better than knowing by Friday."

Thomas added, "Personally, you would hope Luke gets a chance to redeem himself. I think you would always prefer that a guy who has a bad game would get a chance to redeem himself, but everybody knows the situation around here as well, too."

When Thomas was asked to define the situation, he said, "You tell me.""

After some back-and-forth, he said, "You take a quarterback at 10. Nine times out of 10, guys who are taken that high, they play. That's the situation."

Gabbert was the 10th pick in April."

Del Rio was asked if it's fair to pull McCown after two starts and said, "Again, that's the kind of question that you get to ask when you don't play well enough. Those kinds of questions come up, and so that will certainly be one that you visit and anybody paying attention may ask."

When Del Rio was asked if benching McCown now would be admitting he made a mistake when he cut David Garrard two weeks ago and named McCown the starter, he said, "No."

Noting Garrard had poor games in the past, he said, "It's not like keeping David was going to be a guarantee that we wouldn't have substandard play. We had a bad day Sunday throwing the football. We've seen bad days in the past."

Del Rio added, "That's why the question comes, "when is this talented rookie going to get his shot? He will at some point, we're just not really to discuss that today, that's all."

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