What We Learned Against the Saints

The Jaguars moved to 1-3 with a 23-10 loss against the now 3-1 New Orleans Saints. Find out how our keys to victory actually played out in the game.

Offensive Keys to a Jaguars Victory

1. Control the clock. New Orleans was the team that controlled tempo as the threw the ball all over the field in the first half, and then decided to flex their muscles on the ground in the second half.

2. Throw on first down. The Jaguars allowed Blaine Gabbert to run an NFL offense and he did a solid job for the most part. Play-calling was mixed up and the Jaguars actually had the Saints on their heels early on.

3. Playmakers, make plays. Again, the Jaguars wide receivers were underwhelming as there was very little separation and more dropped passes. Blaine Gabbert wasn't fantastic, but his targets didn't make him look any better.

Defensive Keys to a Jaguars Victory

1. Get pressure from inside. The Jaguars did manage to sack Drew Brees three times but Brees wasn't affected much outside of that. Often times Brees was decisive with the football and had time to spread it around.

2. Catch the ball. Errant throws from Drew Brees are usually a rarity, but the Jaguars capitalized on a poor toss in which Daryl Smith intercepted, leading to a field goal and they also caught another tipped pass.

3. Beware of Jimmy Graham. The Saints tight end had a big game as he caught 10 passes for 132 yards and a touchdown. He was a mismatch.


- The Jaguars are going to stay around the 10-point per game mark until they find someone on the outside to make plays. Blaine Gabbert can only do so much with the hand he's been dealt.

- The Jacksonville offensive line was without Eugene Monroe, so naturally they....threw the ball more? They saw matchup advantages against the Saints and attempted to capitalize. As we know, the attempts failed.

- The Jaguars defense played fairly well against a Hall-of-Fame quarterback and one of the most lethal offenses in the league. Holding New Orleans to a pair of touchdowns and three field goals is usually enough for most teams to get a "W".

Charlie Bernstein is the NFL Insider for ESPN 1080 and 1040 in Orlando/Tampa and the host of "The Sports Crunch" on the Aquarius 7 Broadcasting Network (national), and Editor-in-Chief of Sports Media Interactive, covering multiple teams in the National Football League, NCAA, and National Basketball Association. Charlie covers the Jacksonville Jaguars for FoxSports and has been featured on the NFL Network and Sirius NFL Radio. Charlie is also a member of the Pro Football Writers of America. You can follow Charlie on Twitter @nflcharlie

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