Del Rio On His Ninth-Life

The Jaguars slim playoff hopes all but vanished on Sunday when they couldn't score a game-winning touchdown against the Browns. Find out Jack Del Rio's status and who was at fault.

The Jaguars may only be in a spoiler role when they host the Texans on Sunday.

Jacksonville's 14-10 loss to the Cleveland Browns on Sunday left the Jaguars at 3-7. Even if they beat the 7-3 Texans, they would be three games behind with just five games left, and they would have only a remote chance of overtaking Houston in the AFC South race.

The loss to the Browns also probably means that coach Jack Del Rio is likely to lose his job at the end of the season. Coach Wayne Weaver had given Del Rio a mandate to make the playoffs to keep his job. In his ninth season on the job, Del Rio has managed to win just one playoff game.

The loss to the Browns showed the Jaguars are still having problems closing games.

The game and possibly the Jaguars' season came down to one final play Sunday.

Trailing 14-10, the Jaguars were on the Cleveland 1-yard line with three seconds remaining.

The big question was whether to put the ball in the hands of rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert or to give it to running back Maurice Jones-Drew.

Offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter called for a Gabbert pass that missed Mike Thomas.

"Our offensive coordinator calls the plays. I can't speak to his thinking. You'll have to get with him," Del Rio said.

Of not running Jones-Drew on the final play, Del Rio said, "We certainly talked about those things through the course of the drive. We got down and took our crack. You can make a case for doing that. You can guess any number of plays when you don't connect. (It's) a missed opportunity." Jones-Drew ran a total of three times for 11 yards on the final drive.

On first-and-goal from the 2-yard line, the Jaguars ran the same play that went for a touchdown in the second quarter. This time, Jones-Drew was stopped at the 1, and Jacksonville called timeout with eight seconds left. The last two passes were then incomplete.

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