Del Rio Keeps His Job

As much as the Jaguars fanbase has turned on head coach Jack Del Rio, he will remain the team's head coach- for at least the next five weeks, according to Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver.

Jack Del Rio is apparently going to coach the Jaguars for the rest of the season.

There had much speculation that owner Wayne Weaver might make a move after the 20-13 loss to Houston because two of their next three games will be on national TV against San Diego next Monday night and then on Dec. 15 at Atlanta on the NFL Network.

Del Rio's status will likely be the subject of much speculation during those national telecasts. If nothing else, changing coaches now would change the subject even though the Jaguars would have an interim coach to finish out the year.

But Weaver, who gave Del Rio a four-year $21 million contract extension in 2008 after he got his only playoff win in 2007 and decided to keep him last year after he missed the playoffs for a third consecutive season, apparently hasn't lost his patience with Del Rio.

Assuming Weaver sticks with Del Rio until the team starts practicing Thursday for the San Diego game, Del Rio figures to coach the final five games.

Starting Monday night, the Jaguars play three games in 11 days -they host Tampa Bay the following Sunday and then go to Atlanta Thursday night Dec. 15.

It is unlikely Weaver would make a change during a three-game stretch like that.

They then would have just two holiday games left - Christmas Eve at Tennessee and New Year's Day at home against Indianapolis and he's unlikely to make a change that late.

Weaver declined to say Monday why he seems reluctant to make a change during the season. His only comment through a team spokesman was repeating the statement that he made after the game Sunday: "That's for another day."

That day is likely to come on Jan. 3. Tom Coughlin was fired the day after the 2002 season ended, but the Gator Bowl will be played on Jan. 2 this year so Weaver is likely to wait until Jan. 3.

Meanwhile, Del Rio has five games left to coach as a virtual lame-duck coach who is almost certain to be fired at the end of the year.

Weaver gave him a mandate to make the playoffs at the end of last season and even though he backed off that statement somewhat during the season, Del Rio can no longer win a division title or have a winning season.

He is the only coach in NFL history to fail to win a division title in his first nine seasons

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