Khan Represents Hope In Jacksonville

With the Jaguars stuck in the doldrums of another losing season, their new owner represents hope and change in the near future.

With the Jaguars are 4-10 after a 41-14 loss to the Atlanta Falcons Thursday night, they are now just playing out the string.

They have two more holiday games left - a Christmas Eve game at Tennessee and a home game on New Year's Day against winless Indianapolis.

So much of the focus now turns towards the coaching search.

New owner Shad Khan said that interim coach Mel Tucker remains a serious contender, although it may be difficult to give him the job now that he's 1-2 and the Jaguars have been blown out in two primetime games by the San Diego Chargers and the Falcons since coach Jack Del Rio was fired.

In his first media session in Jacksonville since he was approved as the owner on Wednesday, Khan described the kind of coach he's looking for.

He said, "I can describe obviously two qualities. It has to be a person you like and trust and a person who can win. You don't want to be winning with a person you despise and you don't want to be losing with a person you like. Simple.

"This is a huge commitment for me time wise, emotionally money, whatever. Right now the worst thing for me is to have too many layers. You don't get the true picture. I don't need somebody banging heads for me, I can do that. I want to get it unvarnished."

He added, "We're not going to have a structure of some superpower egomaniac. It doesn't work for me. It's not going to work here. If somebody thought that is the solution, they are going to be disappointed. Frankly, I would have said that before it ended in utter failure. I've seen that in other businesses. The principles of business apply here. An all-empowering egomaniac is not a good thing. In auto parts or football, if you're looking for a superman or the silver bullet, I think you're deceiving yourself."

Khan had signed off on Wayne Weaver giving general manager Gene Smith a new three-year contract before the sale was announced, so he apparently won't have a coach who wants to control the organization.

He also indicated he wants the Jaguars to become a passing team.

That would indicate that former Titans coach Jeff Fisher is not a strong candidate because he ran a conservative run-first offense in Tennessee that was built around the running of Eddie George, not the throwing of Steve McNair.

Khan indicated he feels the Jaguars have to become a passing team to succeed.

"This is a passing league. This is a quarterback league. If you're not doing those things, you're not going to be successful. I care about playing winning football," he said.

Khan, though, indicated he would pay to get the right coach.

"Cheapness and the NFL don't go together. This is not a cheap league. Our goal is not to get the expensive wrong coach or try a cheap coach. We want the right guy who is going to win for us and, frankly, pay them whatever it takes. This is not an issue. You have to pay them a fair wage. We're not looking for a bargain person," he said.

Still, Khan said that he's not going to be another Eddie DeBartolo, the former San Francisco 49ers owner who had an open checkbook policy when the 49ers won five Super Bowls between 1981 and 1994.

He said he would be, "fiscally responsible."

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