Khan Will Be Careful With Coaching Hire

The Jaguars have had just two head coaches in their history and they want the third to last a significant amount of time. Find out about some of the candidates and what the team is doing in preparation.

The Jaguars are moving slowly in their search for a head coach.

Outgoing owner Wayne Weaver said Tuesday the team is in the process of doing background research on head coaching candidates but hasn't yet done any interviews.

"Most of the people we can't talk to now because the league year is in process and some of the teams we might be looking at might be in the playoffs," he said.

However, he didn't rule out conducting an interview with a coach who isn't currently in the league before the season ends.

"We're waiting until we finish all of our research, and then we want to narrow it down to a short list of five or six people," he said.

"It's very confidential. We'll just see how it plays out the next couple of weeks."

Weaver said if the Jaguars conduct any interviews before new owner Shad Khan closes on the sale on Jan. 4, Khan will be a "major part of that interview."

"It's a huge decision," he said.

Weaver said he wanted to close on the sale as quickly as possible after the season ends so Khan can start making decisions on offseason moves.

"I'll be helpful wherever I can," he said. "He's got to hire a new coach and start planning for free agency and start planning for the draft. All that work is in progress. He needs to be a big part of that."

As Khan did last week, Weaver said that interim coach Mel Tucker is a serious candidate for the job even though the team is 1-2 in the three games he has coached since Jack Del Rio was fired.

"He took the defense from 28th to fourth. That's a big accomplish in one year. He's a proven football coach. He's going to get serious consideration," Weaver said.

Even though Tucker may not get the job, he keeps putting his stamp on the team.

He put a note on the bulletin board in the locker room that the players are to wear Jaguars-approved garb in the meetings and not use any electronic equipment.

When he was asked if they were getting careless in meetings, he said, "No, I'm just looking for opportunities to create focus and increase our discipline. And so that's my job. Love and discipline, our culture is rooted in that, and so I think that applying those principles in terms of how we meet and what we bring and don't bring into our meetings, I think is important. Everything matters in our eyes as we prepare and as we go about our business."

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