Mike Mularkey Notes and Quotes

Find out what new Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey has to say about Blaine Gabbert, his progression and the fans of Jacksonville.

--The Jaguars put a lot of emphasis on hiring an offensive coach but Mike Mularkey won't be calling the plays on the sidelines the way some offensive oriented head coaches do, including Mike McCarthy in Green Bay and Sean Payton in Atlanta.

Mularkey said he called plays towards the middle of his second year as head coach in Buffalo and found it wasn't a good fit for him when he also was wearing the head coaching hat.

"Managing a game, some guys can do that. I'll be honest with you. Some guys are very good at managing the game and calling plays. I'm not one of them. Because any one mistake can be the difference in the game. I don't want to be that guy that thinks he can do it all. I'm not going to do it. Hopefully, I'll put it in the right hands. That's what my job is to get that guy in here, get the right guy in here to do that," Mularkey said.

Mularkey, though, said he'll make suggestions to the offensive coordinator who will call the plays.

"I'm a gatherer of information. We probably meet longer than we should because I'm always asking for everybody's input. My answer isn't always the right answer or the final answer. So I'm constantly trying to see what other guys' ideas are. I'll have some input as all the other coaches will," he said.

--New coach Mike Mularkey was quick to meet with rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert as soon as he arrived in Jacksonville Wednesday.

"It was just to get to know him on a personal level," Gabbert said.

Mularkey's ability to mentor Gabbert will be a key in his bid to turn the Jaguars franchise around.

Gabbert had the lowest passer rating in the league this past season (65.5) and the Jaguars had the worst offense in the league even though they had the league's leading rusher in Maurice Jones-Drew.

Gabbert said they talked about "everything."

"We talked about this past year, kind of his background and where he's come from, him playing in the league for a while, being a coach and just working and doing things the right way. That was the big thing we agreed on. You've got to do things the right way to win games," he said.

Gabbert said he also talked with Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan, who played in Mularkey's system for the past four years.

"He had nothing but extremely positive things to say," Gabbert said.

Gabbert said he will be driving to his home in St. Louis soon. He is not able to study videotape with the coaches until April 2 under the new CBA rules designed to give players more time off. He said he may meet with the receivers on their own before that.

"If we have to meet at an alternative place, we're going to do that and I'm sure you guys will find out where it is, but if it's here, St. Louis or Canada, who knows," he said.

Owner Shad Khan made it obvious how important Gabbert's development is to the future of the franchise.

"We have to get him every resource possible. The Jaguars have a huge investment in Blaine. Our fate is tied to him. I think I've been very clear. We can't win without him," he said.

Of judging Gabbert, Mularkey said, "First of all, he's a competitor and I like that to start. I see some field command from him."

He said he watched a number of his games earlier this week and had a quarterbacks coach watch games to get another opinion. Mularkey said the lockout "put him behind the eight ball."

He added, "When you miss an offseason and you don't have a chance to be in that meeting room where it's not rush-rush and you can control it a little bit, there are so many positives that can come from that."

He said he told Gabbert, "I think you're already going to be a step ahead even coming in your second year. It's different not just for the quarterback position but as a player when you come back in here, when you've already been in the locker room, you're comfortable and confident. You don't have to earn people's respect the second year. I think he's going to take the next step on his own."

He said he outlined his philosophy to Gabbert and said, "I think he's excited about it based on the texts, the comments and the conversation. He's really excited about it and I just think he needs some time to maybe take a step back, go catch his breath right now and take a look back at what he can do better and we can help him do better."

--Even though Mularkey is not a big name, he coached and played in Pittsburgh and wants to bring the passion Steelers fans have to Jacksonville.

"I'd like to bring that passion here; I really would. I think that I've tried to do that every place I've been," he said.

Although NFL fans in the state of Florida don't have a reputation for being passionate, Mularkey said, "Winning helps, the style of how you win. I think getting involved out in the community and letting them know how passionate I am and how important it is to be involved in this community. I'm hoping to bring some people, you want them to be here on Sunday, an 'I don't want to miss it' mentality."

Owner Shad Khan said it will be a challenge for the Jaguars to get the fans off their couch into the stadium. He said his definition of a Jaguar fan is a season-ticket holder.

"The game-day experience has to be better than their couch experience. I think it's a two-way street. We have to make the experience be so over the top for them so they want to come out. It is not a sense of entitlement. I want to make that clear. We want to earn the right for them to go out there," he said.

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