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Which premier free agents will the team pursue? Who are the best players Tom Coughlin ever coached? Why is Hugh Douglas such a tool? These questions and more answered in the Jaguars Blog

Coughlin's All-Stars?

Our friends at Football Outsiders put together this rather interesting list of the "Tom Coughlin All-Stars," as they named a team of Coughlin's best players. Although a few arguments could be made for different players on both sides of the ball, this is certainly an interesting read.

Personally, I would have picked Jaguars defensive tackle Marcus Stroud of 2002 over Gary Walker of 2001. The most glaring omission was the selection of Tiki Barber (2005) over Fred Taylor (any year). On Barber's best day he wasn't two-thirds of the talent that Taylor was.

Here's a question that begs to be asked- Which is the best team that Tom Coughlin has coached. Most people will choose between the 2007 and 2011 Giants who won Super Bowls but anyone who watched the 1999 Jaguars closely could legitimately come to the conclusion that the Jags team that finished 15-3 would have taken either of the teams from "New Jersey" out to the woodshed.

Hugh Douglas Comes Clean, or Weak

Former Jaguars defensive end turned ESPN analyst Hugh Douglas gave some refreshing honesty about his time in Jacksonville, where he basically robbed the Jaguars organization while admittedly giving minimum (or less) effort.

My good friend and colleague Alfie Crow from Big Cat Country had this back and forth with Douglas on Twitter.

You don't have to know all that much about Douglas to question his intelligence, just listen to him talk on television. He further displays his lack of intelligence while making assertions that the Jaguars are moving and how he's better than fans, not a better football player- just better.

I weep for Central State University in Ohio. I'm sure not all of their graduates are this ignorant but then again they do boast Omarosa from The Apprentice upon their list of famous alums.

Quick Questions and Answers

With free agency and the draft upcoming there have been several rumors floating around about the Jaguars. We are going to give credence to some and dispel others.

Question: Will the Jaguars try to sign Peyton Manning?

No. Although Manning would likely make the team much better this is Blaine Gabbert's job to lose.

Question: Will the Jaguars try to sign Mario Williams?

Yes, Williams would upgrade what could be a very solid defensive line.

Question: Will the Jaguars go "cheap" in free agency?

They've rarely been cheap before, I would doubt they'd be cheap now. Jacksonville has cap room and a big money owner. Expect them to make some signings on the offensive side of the ball.

Question: Will the Jaguars draft Trent Richardson?

No. Although Richardson could be very special, the Jaguars already have statistically the best running back in football. There's simply not enough touches available to have two elite backs, even if one might be the best player available.

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