Getting To Know Mike Mularkey

The Jaguars head coach addressed the team's new offensive philosophy, injuries and the role of his assistant coaches

On last year's scheme)

I'm not going to address anything last year that happened with the scheme, the organization, the team or the coaches or anything like that. I think there's things in our scheme going forward that we can help him in games and help him in preparation. I'm not going to address anything from the past, I'm just looking forward to what we have with our coaching staff, with our scheme and hopefully addressing some players around him that will help him.

Can Gabbert can be elite?)

You'd like to think every time you draft somebody that you'd like that to be the case but you can't put the pressure on him if it doesn't happen. There's a lot of those guys that it has not happened to and you're taking that risk when you draft a guy early in the draft. We feel like he's got the potential to do that but we've got to help him ourselves and allow him to achieve that.

On free agency/cap room)

It's a wait and see. I'm not going to address how active or where our cap is and what we have available to us right now. That's something we're going to address as we get closer to that March 13th date.

How much input do the assistants have in free agency?)

The assistants will all have input and they're all done evaluations on all of our free agents on our roster and they've also gone out and addressed. We've given them players to look at at positions so their input is important and their grades do go into the system and then when it becomes all down to it it's a "Jaguar Grade" that we've all had input in, especially the assistants.

Do Mel and Greg have input on signings?)

No, I don't think it will go to that level. No.

Cox, Session and Mathis' health?)

We're going to make that decision when we have our first camp which is April 16th. I'm going to call it a "Veteran Orientation Camp" because it's really what it is. No one knows each other face to face. We're hoping to see if they're ready for that but it's not going to be a setback if they're not.

What percentage of the team have you met and talked with?)

I've talked to all of them somehow, whether it's been on the phone, whether it's rehab or their lifting weights on their own doing their workouts. A lot of guys have stopped at my office and introduced themselves which has been a real positive. Probably one-third in person which is good for this time of year.

What can you learn from your previous experience as a head coach?)

There's some things I did that I felt were right and I'm going to continue to do those and there's some things I saw that I probably thought, even in the interview process that I needed to do better that I have done. Is was really a great process with Gene (Smith) and Shahid (Khan) on things that occurred in Buffalo that came up and they appreciated my honesty. I think in any job whatever position you're at that you're always going to find something that you can do better based on what you've done or what you've seen other people do right or wrong. I'm not going to get in to specifics but it was much more easy of a transition to this one in Jacksonville.

How does the situation different?)

I'm more familiar with the process, the hiring process. I'm very happy with the staff. After the first four or five weeks we've been together it's been a good experience. Really good people and really good football coaches. I can't say it's a bad thing to work with your son. My son had worked with the Jaguars and I'm happy to be down there working with him. That was a big positive for me.

On inheriting some staff)

You really want guys that want to be there. I made that a point when I interviewed these guys and some of them like Mel Tucker, Mark Duffner, Andy Heck had opportunities to go other places and even advance in their position, I asked them to go. First of all it's very rewarding that you're being recognized by multiple teams and I think you should go and interview. I'm not going to drive you to the interview but I want you to go because if you come back here and you're committed to coming back here then I know that you're here as a Jaguar and there will be no "what-ifs or I should've or could've". I have a good feeling about these guys and they're all in it for the right reasons. I want them to have a good experience including myself and I want to create that for them.

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