Lowery Sounds Off About Jags Changes

Jaguars safety Dwight Lowery spoke candidly about the sea of dysfunction in Jacksonville last season.

It's always a popular road to take in the NFL when a new coach and new coaching staff replaces a team's former coach and staff: criticize the past, praise the current.

That applies to the Jacksonville Jaguars according to defensive back Dwight Lowery who was outspoken in meeting with the media as the team opened its offseason workouts earlier this week.

Lowery let loose on the first question posed to him, asking him to compare the environment now and with that of a year ago.

"I see more commitment all around from the coaching staff, obviously Shad (Khan), the new owner. He's building a championship environment," Lowery said. "The weight room is a lot different and that's the newest thing that's been seen so far.

"Obviously, the locker room and everything of that nature is being put together. The weight room and the difference between that really sets the tone going into the season."

Lowery has been in the league just four seasons, spending the first three with the New York Jets before he was traded to the Jaguars just prior to the start of the 2011 season. He saw action in 13 games, including 11 starts at cornerback where he recorded 47 tackles, had two interceptions and one sack.

Lowery feels the commitment from the current coaching staff is something that he didn't experience a year ago in Jacksonville.

"When I first got here, I didn't really feel like this place was really committed to anything," he said. "I felt like the only thing this place was committed to was to playing football. That's only going to take you so far and it needs to be taken up a level, and it has.

"Now it feels like this place is turning into a championship environment that starts with what you're surrounded with. If you surround yourself with championship-type staff, a championship is going to be more achievable because of what you've surrounded with on a daily basis."

Lowery even took a shot at the Jaguars' administration from a year ago. Wayne Weaver was owner of the Jaguars from the team's entry into the league in 1995 until he announced in January that he was selling the franchise to Khan. Weaver fired former coach Jack Del Rio 11 games into the 2011 season after Del Rio got the Jaguars into postseason play just twice in the previous eight seasons. Jacksonville finished 5-11 a year ago, its fourth consecutive non-winning season.

"I don't feel like this organization and the fans were very pleased with the product that was on the field and there's been a lot of changes to help translate," Lowery added. "It always starts at the top and trickles down to the football field. I think we have a great owner, I think we have an owner that's committed to winning.

"There are things that we showed last year as a football team that weren't acceptable."

Lowery feels things will be different this year. He likes the addition of Aaron Ross, a player that has two Super Bowl rings who will likely join Lowery in the starting secondary this fall.

"I don't care about last year and I was here last year," he said. "We're forward thinking, we're going to put a winning brand of football on the football field and that's what's going to happen."

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