Jets get in touch with Trent Richardson

With the draft countdown clock ticking away, will the New York Jets look to move on up the draft order to lock up the draft's top running back?

Could trade winds be blowing around the New York Jets in the first round again?

The Jets have made bold moves in the past, trading up to acquire quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Now, Alabama running back Trent Richardson told reporters in New York at a predraft event that the Jets called him to verify his contact information in advance of a potential trade.

"They wanted to know my information as far as whether that's the right number to reach me in case something does happen, with them trading up," Richardson said.

However, it seems fairly unlikely that the Jets would be willing to pay the hefty price of moving into the top five selections to land the top-ranked running back from their current spot at No. 16 overall in the first round.

Moving up that high would require the Jets to give up their first-round pick this year and likely their first-round pick next year as well as additional draft pick compensation.

At this point, it's more likely that Richardson winds up with either the Cleveland Browns (fourth overall) or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (fifth overall).

Richardson is a dynamic back: powerful, fast and productive. He rushed for 1,679 yards last season.

He's known as a tackle-breaker with the speed to go the distance.

Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum is a risk-taker who loves to make a splash.

Keep in mind the Jets also love to create headlines in the back pages of the New York tabloids.

Could the Jets use Richardson? Certainly. It's not like incumbent starter Shonn Greene has Richardson's explosiveness.

Tannenbaum praised Richardson during a recent press conference.

"I do think Trent Richardson is a great player," Tannenbaum said. "I think he will help a team. He's a three-down back, he can pass protect and he can catch the ball. There are a lot of things to like about Trent. So whoever gets Trent will have a really good back for a long, long time."

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