Rookies Impress Mularkey

Although the Jaguars draft class has been under much scrutiny, coach Mike Mularkey was happy with his first taste of the new players. He's hoping they continue their progress.

The Jaguars staged a three-day rookie minicamp last weekend, held for their six selections in the college draft, 17 rookie free agents, 7 workout veterans and 20 other workout rookies for a total of 50 players. When the camp concluded on Sunday, the Jaguars signed seven workout players to contracts and released six others on the roster to get back to a 90-man roster.

Head coach Mike Mularkey was impressed with some of the rookies and veterans who took part in the camp, and told them such afterwards.

"I told them how impressed we were with how they came in here and each of them really had an opportunity. A lot of them really took advantage of it. I appreciated their efforts and couldn't thank them enough," the Jaguars new boss said. "I wished them luck. Some of them will go to camps next week and now they know what to expect."

Mularkey had a separate message for the workout players, relating to them his own story of being undrafted, yet eventually making it to the NFL.

"Each of them is going to have the chance to compete in the NFL and if you keep trying, good things may happen," Mularkey told the group.

Drawing special praise in the minicamp was the Jaguars draft camp. It's a small group of just six players, but Mularkey liked what he saw.

"I really was happy with our draft class. All of them did something that I thought," he noted. "I think now that they know where we're coming from and what's expected, I'm anxious to see what they do when they come back in here with the veterans."

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