Jaguars New Marketing Is Proactive

After years of marketing excuses the Jaguars are finally taking a proactive approach to selling out Everbank Field. Find out where representatives will be over the next few months.

New owner, new coach and now comes a new concept for the Jaguars in an attempt to reach out to new fans to help fill EverBank Field for the eight regular-season home games. The Jaguars will launch their first-ever caravan across Florida and southern Georgia. The caravan will include players, coaches, ROAR cheerleaders and other special guests in the Jaguars RV.

The excursion will make stops in seven cities during a nine-day period beginning on June 1. At each stop, the traveling RV will arrive filled with coaches, players and cheerleaders who will meet with and sign autographs for fans amidst a festival, rally-like, family-friendly atmosphere. Each caravan stop will also include a visit to a local community center by the group.

"We know that a lot of Jaguars fans live beyond our five-county area, so this is an effort to bring our 'All In' message to them," said Mark Lamping, Jaguars president. "We're working hard to build and expand our fan base and we want these fans to have the opportunity to meet some of the players they root for on Sundays."

The seven cities include Valdosta, Brunswick, Savannah and Waycross in Georgia and three Florida cities - Palm Coast, Port Orange and Gainesville. The Jaguars Caravan is expected to travel more than 1,200 miles across Florida and Georgia, connecting the Jaguars with approximately 5,000 fans.

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