Mularkey Aware of OTA Rules

With all the restrictions that the NFL has placed on OTA workouts, it would be easy for a team to violate and collect a fine. Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey is acutely aware of these rules and is following them to the letter of the law.

New Jaguars coach Mike Mularkey is paying particularly close attention to the time that the Jaguars are on the practice field with guidelines from the new CBA in place relating to OTAs.

"The OTA's are restricted to two hours and the practices are two hours long. We're fortunate because of our tempo they've been getting done a few minutes early, but we like to stretch them after practice," Mularkey said.

"We're right at the two-hour point when we get done stretching them. You always work with your guys after practice is over with and players ask for it. They want to spend time if they did something wrong in practice. They want to review it.

"Like the case today with (running backs coach) Sly Croom and (running back) Rashad Jennings. I turned around I didn't even realize they were still on the field after 1 p.m. I'm like, 'You can't be out here! I had to pull them off and I hope my gesture of 'get off the field' was big enough so the cameras saw me."

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