City of Jacksonville Makes Major Error

The city of Jacksonville in an effort to flex it's legal muscles nearly committed suicide as they attempted to void the lease with the Jaguars. Find out what occurred and how this was quickly resolved.

Things got a little dicey between the Jaguars and Jacksonville City Hall this past week, when the city's general counsel sent out a rather scathing letter that said the team had defaulted on an agreement with regards to the company that serves as the facilities manager of EverBank Field (and several other sports complexes in the downtown area). It made mention that the default could lead to the city terminating the contract it had with the Jaguars for the use of EverBank Field.

The news got out when city hall made a copy of the letter available to the local newspaper, the Times-Union. Jaguars owner Shad Khan was quick to respond, sending a rather terse letter to Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown, emphasizing how the team was in full compliance with abiding by terms of the lease by following the terms of the agreement.

In the letter, Khan used such phrases as that he was "shocked," "perplexed" and "at a loss." He said that the city took an "unprecedented" step by saying the team had defaulted.

It took only hours for Brown to respond, first sending an apologetic letter to Khan and the city sending a second letter to the Jaguars, withdrawing its charge, calling it a "misunderstanding."

The dispute revolves around the city's desire to open a bid process for the contract to oversee the operations at EverBank Field and several other city-owned entertainment venues. Two companies -- SMG which has managed the facilities since 1991, and Global Spectrum -- submitted proposals for the job. The Jaguars had sent the city a letter saying it favored retaining SMG to serve as the facilities manager.

That's when the city's General Counsel Cindy Laquidara responded with the default letter last Friday. The mix-up appears to stem from a city document which lays out procedures in how to pick the manager and an amendment to the proposal that Laquidara said she was not aware of.

It's likely that the two sides will reach a quick agreement on the matter as both need the other in order to survive and be financially successful.

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