"It's the Business Side of Football"

The NFL's leading rusher from 2011 is digging in his heels in search of a new contract. Will the team budge when he has two years left on his deal?

Maurice Jones-Drew has refused to speak with local reporters about his desire to have his contract renegotiated, saying he doesn't want to discuss it through the media. Yet for the second time in two weeks, the Jaguars running back aired his concerns publicly.

A week ago, Jones-Drew appeared on the NFL Network after being named the No. 12 player on the Network's list of top 100 players in the league. He said at that time, it was part of the business side of the NFL and went on to offer his thoughts on the matter.

This past week, Jones-Drew reiterated some of those comments when he appeared on The Ticket, a radio show in Denver where Jones-Drew had played in a charity golf tournament.

When asked about his situation, he said, "Well, I really don't want to talk about (and) get into detail throughout the media."

But the Jaguars running back went on to clarify some of his thoughts.

"It's the business side of football. And every player is a businessman, and whatever you feel is best for you and your family, you have to do that sometimes. And so, like I said before, hopefully we can work on something and get something done.

"But I can't talk about it in the media, because that's not how I handle my business. I'd rather do it face to face and that's just what it is."

Jones-Drew did have thoughts on another topic, that being NFL career rushing leader Emmitt Smith's all-time rushing mark of 18,356 yards. Jones-Drew feels it's a record that can be broken and that he might be the person to do it. He has gained 6,584 yards in his six NFL seasons, and the 27-year-old running back would need to average slightly over 1,400 yards per season for each of the next eight years in order to break the record by the time he turns 35.

He's only topped the 1,400-yard mark once in his six NFL seasons, that coming a year ago when he rushed for 1,606 when he led the league in rushing.

"Yeah, I think it's doable. I definitely think it's doable, Jones-Drew told the station.

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