Jaguars Training Camp Preview

The Jaguars feel they can be a playoff team in 2012 if they improve in just a few areas. Find out what the team's goals are for training camp and which players are on the hot seat.


1. Solidify the passing game. This phase of the Jaguars' offense should be light years ahead of where it was a year ago now that Blaine Gabbert has a year's experience behind him and is receiving much better coaching than what he got in his rookie season. Add in the fact that he now has three receivers who are better than anyone the Jaguars had on their roster a year ago and it means Jacksonville will no longer occupy the 32nd spot in team passing. Tight ends Marcedes Lewis and Zach Miller should also be more valuable this year in that they'll be used in a more effective manner. A healthy Eben Britton returning to his starting spot at right tackle strengthens the offensive line and should give Gabbert better protection than he had a year ago.

2. Build the quality and depth of the defensive line. There were far too many holes along the defensive front a year ago, even with Jacksonville finishing with a No. 6 overall ranking on defense. Of the nine linemen that finished the season with the Jaguars, only four are considered sure bets to be on this year's roster. The tackles, Terrance Knighton and Tyson Alualu, are young and talented but have concerns. Knighton had eye surgery after an off-the-field fracas at a nightclub in April and Alualu had knee surgery after the season. Jeremy Mincey signed a new contract extension and is set at one end and C.J. Mosley is solid as a backup at tackle. But beyond that, the Jaguars will have to find a mix of veterans and rookies to fill in at the other starting end spot and for depth.


Wide receiver Justin Blackmon. In Blackmon's case, he'll need to be watched on and off the field. There's no denying his talent. He has NFL-type hands, speed, leaping ability and mental toughness. That's why the Jaguars moved up the draft board to take him as the No. 5 overall pick. On the downside, there were too many occasions during the team's spring drills where Blackmon was confused as to his route. He was able to get away with such a deficiency in college based on his skills alone. That won't fly at this level. Plus Blackmon's arrest for aggravated DUI the weekend after team OTAs ended is a major concern. His indiscretion - the second such happening in a 15-month time frame - is an indication the team will have to monitor his time away from the field.


Quarterback Blaine Gabbert. You can tie the Jaguars' chances of improving on a 5-11 record a year ago directly to Gabbert's improvement this year. He finished at or near the bottom of the quarterback rankings in most categories last year in his rookie season. Despite some woeful numbers and performances, the Jaguars have not lost confidence in their young (22) quarterback. They feel with the proper coaching, with an improved group of receivers and with a year's experience at this level, he'll be better. Gabbert will have all three items with him entering the season. If he improves like the staff feels he will, the Jaguars will as well. If he doesn't progress, it will be another long season for the team.

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