Sanchez Reaching Point of No Return

Designated as the New York Jets franchise quarterback just a few seasons ago, No. 6 could be headed out of town in the offseason.

After everything that has happened with the Jets this season, the horror has officially ended with a terrible outing on Monday Night Football with a bad snap by Nick Mangold and a failed attempt by Mark Sanchez to coral the balling allowing the Titans to recover the fumble and win the game.

While Jake Locker wasn't impressive, how many times did the Tennessee Titans try to hand the Jets a win that they truly never deserved? But no matter how many chances the Jets had to move the ball down the field, any type of a scoring chance ended with a poor interception that was forced by Mark Sanchez.

Even though Braylon Edwards did return to the team and had some good plays to ignite the offense, it just wasn't enough and sadly his return to the team was too little too late. But once again as much as I have defended Sanchez, he has shown sadly that he has regressed to the point where he keeps forcing home run plays that get picked off along the warning track or against the wall.

His post game pressers have also been comical as he keeps saying he will continue to work on his mistakes. Excuse me? Continue to work on your mistakes? This is your fourth season in the NFL, these mistakes should've been solved a long time ago and you continue to sound like a broken record for no reason.

Sanchez continues to make bad plays and looks so terrible even he doesn't know where to make the right reads on the field. Rex Ryan has allowed Sanchez to get away with murder and when we all thought the change to Greg McElroy against the Cardinals was the ray of light, it got cloudy again.

Rex Ryan is also to be blamed for this debacle of a season. Forget that line about how he got or lost the pulse of his team, because it's all in his head. Staying with Sanchez was always a losing proposition because he tried to avoid a quarterback controversy to throw in Tim Tebow, yet he created controversy by not making a change.

For what it's worth its time to get ready for Greg McElroy and see what he can do for the last two games of the season and sadly they won't mean anything because the Jets are already out of the playoffs. McElroy needs to show Jets' fans in eight quarters the same stuff he did for a quarter and a half to save the Jets from a loss against the worst team in the league that was the Arizona Cardinals.

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