Kurtz helps set school record

The Cougar nation was on fire last Saturday. BYU dismantled No. 15 Texas after racking up 550 rushing yards (the most ever by a BYU offense and the most given up by a Texas defense) thanks to the legs of Taysom Hill, Jamaal Williams, and Paul Lasike. While BYU's offense was putting new stats in the record books, Cougar commit Nick Kurtz was helping his team do the same last Saturday.

While the Cougars of BYU hung 40 points and a total of 679 yards on the Longhorns, BYU wide receiver commit Nick Kurtz was enjoying his own version of taking a team to the woodshed. He helped Grossmont College's offense set new records as well.

"We won 65-14 and I scored three touchdowns in the first half," said Kurtz. "I had three touchdowns [and] 87 yards on only five catches, but I only played the first half of the game and just a little bit in the third quarter and that was it."

Grossmont College was able to set a new school record against College of the Desert.

"The score could have been much higher but there was no reason for me to really play in the second half," Kurtz said. "We set a record of seven passing touchdowns, all in the first half too. It was a record."

When Kurtz watched BYU's offense virtually dismantle the Longhorn defense, that glimpse of the Cougar offense he caught a while back began to play out on the big stage. That's what had led him to choose BYU over colleges such as Texas Tech, Oregon, Kansas State and Cal.

"Man, what do you think about that victory?" Kurtz said with excitement still ringing in his voice. "Man, that was so exciting to see, especially after a two-hour rain delay. I expected kind of a Virginia game against Texas. They've always had an explosive, hardnosed defense, but to see that offense get up and rolling like it did was so exciting to see.

"I've always expected the offense to eventually get up and rolling, but when you add an explosive offense to that tough defense, you have something special. It's unfortunate that we weren't able to put it together for the Virginia game, but you saw exactly what can happen and why I was so intrigued by BYU. You just got to witness Taysom Hill as a starter and I expect more to come in the future."

Despite the record-setting rushing performance for BYU, the passing game didn't fare as well against Texas. The offense is still working out the kinks in the passing game, but once that part of Anae's offense gets rolling, it has the potential to be an incredible offense.

"Oh my gosh, that's exactly what I've been telling people!" said an excited Kurtz. "That's exactly what I've been saying. I've been telling people, 'Just wait until the passing offense gets rolling,' because I've seen them practice, you know? I've seen what they can do and there is a reason why I chose BYU. I've seen the potential that's there and we've just begun to see the potential that's there. Once that passing game reaches the potential that it has and the offense starts clicking on all cylinders, it's going to be an amazing offense to watch."

Kurtz expects the Cougar offense to continue to evolve.

"A lot of the offense was going through the running game – which actually surprised me – but wait until BYU's passing offense gets rolling, and it's going to be lethal."

After missing the season opener, senior receiver Cody Hoffman had two catches for 63 yards against Texas. Kurtz is expected to come in and take over for Hoffman once he graduates from BYU. By that time, the wrinkles in BYU's passing game should be ironed out.

"Taysom Hill will be a junior, Jamaal Williams will be a junior, and I'll be a junior," said Kurtz. "Mitch Mathews will be a junior and Ross Apo will still be there as a senior. I'm just so excited to see what a more polished offense can do, and I expect that to happen sooner rather than later. Man, I'm so excited."

BYU's convincing victory over Texas opened some eyes, as Kurtz found out.

"That was just one victory, and you've seen what one victory can do," Kurtz said. "Oh my gosh, just imagine if we just keep on rolling over these teams. We're going to have a national buzz.

"You know, some people have doubted my decision to come to BYU, but after BYU beat Texas, a lot of people hit me up and said, 'Now I see why you chose them.' They see the potential and they see the defense and see how explosive the offense can be and it's exciting."

Kurtz saw a wealth of exciting potential within Coach Anae's offense, and having that foresight, he wanted to be a part of what was to come. However, not everyone saw or even knew the vision. But after last Saturday, people are coming around.

"This one guy hit me up on Facebook and was like, 'Hey, I can see exactly why you chose BYU. Congrats!'" said Kurtz. "A lot of my teammates already knew what kind of a guy that I am, and some felt I should have gone to the Oregon Ducks. I was sure pumping BYU up after the victory. It was sweet and I'm just excited for what the future holds."

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