Manning, Giants 'building on the good things'

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning talks about the loss against the Bears and his team's mindset moving forward.

Week six began this past Thursday with the 0-5 New York Giants facing off against the 3-2 Chicago Bears. With final of 21-27, the Giants fell to 0-6. After another game with three interceptions, quarterback Eli Manning had a lot to say after the game about adjustments and moving forward to week seven.

"You just keep working and you try to get better and that's all we can do, noted Manning. "We've got Minnesota next Monday night and it should be an opportunity for us to go out and get better. I thought we made some improvements this week offensively with running the ball and pass protection and making some plays. We've just got to eliminate the mistakes."

Even though it seems all fans have heard for the past six weeks is about fixing mistakes, the Giants overall had a better completion percentage than previous weeks, but turnovers and inconstancies are still in the way of having the first win of the season.

"We've just got to build off the good things," said Manning. "I thought the offensive guys played well. I thought the defense played well and everybody played well enough to win that game. It was a little high throw at the end and that took our opportunity to win a game."

Manning has had a total of fifteen interceptions in the first six weeks, three of which took place in Thursday's game against the Bears.

"I'm going to keep throwing, said Manning. "I'm going to keep trying to make good reads and throw the ball. I'm not going to get gun shy. After the two interceptions early in the game, I didn't change my confidence or making throws or being aggressive. I've just got to continue to be conscious about them and not making bad throws."

Two of those interceptions seemed to be from miscommunication between Manning and his receivers.

"Guys jumped some routes on the touchdown one and then I just had to throw the ball before I really gave the route the time to run its course and so it's just an unfortunate play," stated Manning.

Even so, Manning said he is very confident in the ability of his team.

The Giants still sustained scoring drives and put points on the board with a big thanks to Brandon Jacobs and Rueben Randle. Many fans hope the Giants can progress like this going forward and finally get a win in week seven.

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