Opinion: Holmes needs to move on from Jets

Injuries, poor quarterback play and shoddy coaching have led to Santonio Holmes' dip in production the past few seasons. While the Jets' top wideout is willing to take a pay cut this offseason to remain in New York, it's time to move on for Holmes, writes The Jets Beat's Erik Manassy.

New York Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes met with the members of the New York media this week where he started making his case for the Jets to keep him.

When asked if he would consider a pay cut, he replied with "anything for the team".

What might be in the best interest for the team, in my opinion, is for Holmes to move on.

Now Holmes could be saying the right things because he really means it and really wants to stay with the Jets, or he's showing and saying the right things so that he still remains attractive for another team. Let's face it, Holmes hasn't been productive like he has in previous years, and still doesn't seem to be 100% healthy all season dealing with his foot injury and hamstring.

Holmes was very clutch in 2010 winning single handily 5 games and he hasn't been healthy for some time. No.10 has a history of calling out teammates in the past, remember the 11' season in Miami with Sanchez and the huddle with Wayne Hunter. I also remember him acting up in Philadelphia that year. Hey I know Fireman Ed isn't around, but he wasn't his favorite and I thought Ed liked everyone. Holmes has a terrible relationship with the New York media, and while he has been clutch in seasons past, there's been inconsistency and injuries sidelining him in current seasons.

Despite these drawbacks, Holmes is charitable off the field and is willing to mentor the young players. He's been known to say things about opponents that have put his quotes on their bulletin boards (see last week).

Some of his actions (in Pittsburgh) and with the Jets have rubbed people the wrong way. When a player is known to be abrasive, teams and fans tend to deal with it as long as the player is still productive. I think a lot of fans put up with Holmes but as his production has dropped, his salary has increased, and his attitude continues, some fans have had enough. With what the Jets are paying, even Holmes knows that he's being overpaid for the production he's putting out on the field, hence the reason he's stating that he wants to remain with the team and is willing to take a cut.

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