Jaguars Positional Grades- QB's

We are going to go through each position group on the Jaguars and determine what the strengths and weaknesses are. We will determine a grade for each and figure out how the team can improve.


Chad Henne, Blake Bortles, Stephen Morris, Ricky Stanzi

The plan that the Jaguars have laid out publicly is that Chad Henne will start and play the entire season. That’s going to be easier said than done with a team that is void of talent in many areas and the pressure of a third-overall draft pick behind Henne in Blake Bortles.

Chad Henne knows that he’s a caretaker at the position and he will be completely motivated, not only to help Bortles, the future of the position, but to play for his next job wherever that will be. At this point in Henne’s career we know what he is- a solid backup who lacks accuracy and pocket presence.

Blake Bortles is the future of the position and he will play at some point this season, despite what the front office would like to iterate. The Jaguars don’t figure to be in playoff contention and when the season is lost there will be extreme pressure to get Bortles “nose bloodied” a little.

Bortles is said to have the highest upside of any quarterback from this year’s draft as he has prototypical NFL size, good enough arm strength and better than advertised mobility. The Jaguars believe he is the future of the franchise.

Stephen Morris was up and down during his career at the University of Miami and he reunites with his former offensive coordinator, Jedd Fisch. Morris has solid athleticism and arm strength and the team hopes that he can develop enough to someday become a solid backup.

Ricky Stanzi was an Iowa legend….but not much else in the NFL. This is likely one of his last go-arounds and he will try to make the most of his preseason reps.

Quarterback Grade: D

The “D” grade looks bad, but there is plenty of upside with Bortles. Henne is just a guy and the rest of the signal callers are unknown commodities. The Jaguars invested in their future in Bortles and they should get some credit for that, even if we don’t know how it will turn out.

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