Jags-Bears After Further Review (Offense)

We take a closer look at some of the individuals who stood out in the Jaguars 20-19 loss to the Chicago Bears. Find out who helped themselves and who didn't do so well.

After reviewing the tape we had a chance to break down how the Jaguars offense performed in their Week 2 preseason loss to Chicago. The results are mostly positive.

Chad Henne - The Jaguars “starting quarterback” (for now) played a very solid game. Henne looked about as good as Chad Henne can look. Offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch devised the offense to Henne’s limited strengths (intermediate routes and over the middle) and he looked functional. Chad did miss some open men and even at his best, he was slightly better than mediocre.

Blake Bortles - The rookie continued to impress as he threw “dimes” all over the field. Bortles showed elite arm strength, pinpoint accuracy and what might be the most impressive trait of all- he doesn’t look like the game is too big or too fast for him. He was every bit as good as Week 1 and he needs to get some time with the 1’s.

Jordan Todman - The Jaguars third-down back didn’t show great vision, danced a little and really was unimpressive. Todman gained just 18 yards on 8 carries.

Denard Robinson - The second-year pro looked fast and showed great vision while playing against the Chicago backups. If you look solely at the preseason games, Denard looks like at least the Jaguars second-best running back.

Marqise Lee - It was good to see Lee invited to the party. The Jaguars rookie had 4 catches for 27 yards and the team’s sole touchdown. Lee has too much talent to be absent like he was in the preseason opener.

Mike Brewster - The Jaguars center didn’t shoot any snaps over the quarterback’s heads, but he wasn’t good either. Brewster was handled early and often and if he’s the best center the team has he must improve significantly in the next three weeks.

Marcedes Lewis - Jacksonville got the veteran tight end in the mix as Marcedes caught 3 passes for 46 yards including a 20-yard gain on a tight end screen. Lewis looks to be in regular season form.

D.J. Tialavea - After an impressive opener, Tialavea dropped his only target on a perfectly thrown pass by Blake Bortles. You often see a lot of ups and downs by young players in preseason.

Luke Joeckel - The second-year pro looked great at left tackle as he handled Jared Allen early in the game. Joeckel looked like the stallworth he’s expected to be from his second-overall pick draft status.

Allen Hurns - It’s tough to imagine an undrafted anything as a lock to make the final 53-man roster, but with the Jaguars injuries and his good play it seems that there’s no way the Jaguars can cut Allen Hurns. Hurns led the team in receiving again with 4 catches for 74 yards, and continues to get open and make plays.

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