Bortles Receives High Marks

Through two mostly meaningless preseason games, Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles has exceeded expectations. Find out what the best film man in the game, Greg Cosell had to say about the Jaguars young signal caller.

There’s no lack of opinions on whether Jaguars rookie sensation Blake Bortles should be the team’s opening day starter. The team had a plan coming in and they seem to be executing it, however Bortles play on the field has moved up the timeline to the point where he’s received some reps with the 1’s on the practice field and will now receive some reps with the starters in Friday’s all-important preseason Game 3 (the preseason game that most resembles real action).

On ESPN Radio’s The Herd, NFL Films guru Greg Cosell had plenty of complimentary things to say about the Jaguars quarterback of the future (if not the present).

“No quarterback is theoretically ready to start Week 1,” Cosell said when asked about the readiness of Bortles. “I know that’s not the way it is realistically in the league because of many factors but he’s been very, very good.”

There’s no better film guy anywhere than Cosell and he’s a man who has made his living watching tape without any organizational bias. He was asked about what he saw from Bortles in last week’s nationally televised game at Chicago.

“Everything he does he does really well so far and there’s one thing I really noticed the last game I watched,” Cosell said. “There was a throw he made to (Kerry) Taylor for 29 yards where he recognized the coverage pre snap and changed the call and made the right throw to the right receiver.

“Those are the things you look for.”

Cosell went on with his praise.

“But beyond that he’s shown great anticipation, great touch, great timing, he’s looked the best of these young quarterbacks.” The Jaguars selection of Bortles drew a lot of criticism from “draft gurus” and talking heads. With that said, if you believe a guy can be your franchise quarterback there’s simply no such thing as selecting him too early.

Cosell doesn’t believe the Jaguars selected Blake Bortles too early.

“My top three quarterbacks coming out were Bortles, Mettenberger and Carr.”

So far so good for the Jaguars and their most prized young asset.

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