What To Look For In Jags-Lions

The Jaguars play their most important preseason game as they take on the Detroit Lions tonight at Ford Field. We're going to give the rundown of what we'll be looking for during this evening's action.

Jacksonville Jaguars (1-1) vs. Detroit Lions (1-1)

Friday, August 22nd, 7:30 p.m. EST

Kickoff Temperature: 72 degrees, 0% chance of precipitation (Dome)

Line: It's still not okay to bet on preseason. If you do have to wager this is the one to do it on.

The Jacksonville Jaguars travel to Motown to take on the Detroit Lions in their pivotal third preseason game. This is the one that most resembles a "real" game as we'll see the starters for the longest amount of time. It's time to spotlight what we'll be looking to see from the boys in white, or black, or teal.

What To Look For

1. Blake with the 1's- It's finally time for the Jaguars to see what their most prized asset, first-round pick Blake Bortles has against actual defensive starters. Although Bortles won't be starting the game, he is supposed to get time with the 1's against the Detroit 1's. If he plays well does that mean he starts the season? My guess is no but it will go a long way in giving he and the Jaguars front office and coaching staff more confidence in him.

2. Center of attention- It appears that the Jaguars have a major issue at center, as Mike Brewster has been abysmal and everyone else seems to be, well....just guys. We'll see if Jacques McClendon can continue to play well and possibly earn himself a starting job.

3. Litmus test- The Lions were a bad team last season but they appear to be much improved on paper and are only a year removed from the playoffs. Detroit will be playing starters for a while and there will be some planning. The Jags have looked great for much of their first two games but now it's more real. Let's see if the effort matches the little bit of hype the team has been receiving.

4. Pressure's on Chad- Starting quarterback Chad Henne doesn't have to listen to the whispers (yells) that the team should start his understudy. He knows the proverbial score and that it's only a matter of time before Bortles takes over. Can Chad rise up against the pressure and put together another solid effort?

5. Hold them under 20- That's going to be the formula for the Jaguars to get wins this season. They will have to play a lot of low scoring affairs where the quarterback is going to have to make some plays down the stretch. Detroit has a dynamic offense with Megatron and Golden Tate and Eric Ebron and Reggie Bush, and even more weapons for the strong-armed Matt Stafford. If the Jaguars defense plays well against them, everyone should feel pretty good moving forward.

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