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In this edition of Bernstein's Blog, we discuss the Jaguars latest mistake of starting Chad Henne, why the refs need to ease up on throwing the penalty flags and why preseason needs to be shortened.

Jags Are Wasting Time

We’ve discussed the Jaguars quarterback situation ad nauseum and we know that it’s not a matter of if Blake Bortles takes over, but when. The team has a plan and they appear to be sticking to it.

To put it simply, their logic is convoluted.

Blake Bortles may not have as great of a grasp on the playbook as Chad Henne, but he’s still a superior player who is only going to learn by being on the football field getting his reps. Chad Henne is what he is- a solid backup who makes a few good throws but too many bad ones.

Perhaps this is just to get through the tough stretch of three road games out of the first four and a Week 5 matchup against the Steelers? Regardless of who starts the odds of the Jaguars making the playoffs are slim. With that in mind, as Pete Prisco would say, “play the kid.”

Will The Refs Ease Up On The Flags?

We know that when Roger Goodell puts his mind to something it can’t be stopped. Perhaps you’ve noticed the rampant amount of flag throwing by the officials this preseason in regards to illegal contact, defensive holding and pass interference? How about illegal hands to the face?

The NFL is throwing flags for these indiscretions at a rate of four times as much as last year. It’s nice to play the game of football by the “letter of the law” but really, how much of a disadvantage are we going to put defensive backs at right now?

It’s almost impossible to play defense now and we know offense sells tickets and fuels the billion dollar fantasy industry, but the game was fine before these true “non-contact” rules. Not to mention that the preseason is a tough watch to begin with and now that we have all of these calls it goes from tough to simply impossible.

Baseless Conspiracy Theory: Everytime Peyton Manning gets embarrassed the NFL changes the rules.

4 Weeks of Preseason Is Too Many

Putting aside the fact that the ticket-purchasing fans get screwed on paying full price for exhibitions, this is simply a bad product for the league.

Now I’m sure that lots of guys are making roster spots from the third and fourth preseason games, but how many are losing roster spots due to injury? This isn’t an overreaction from the Sam Bradford injury, look around the league. There are way too many injuries in games that don’t count for anything.

Sure, if Bradford would have gone down in the season opener the Rams would have still been in terrible shape. But isn’t that a lot easier to take then losing him in a completely meaningless game?

To put it simply, it’s time for the 18-game regular season.

I know that playing professional football takes a toll on a body. So let’s adjust salaries to account for the extra two games and expand rosters and make it happen. As a football fan don’t we yearn to see some sort of football in the middle of the offseason? There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing.

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