What We Learned Against the Eagles

The Jaguars dropped their season opener at Philadelphia. We're going to compare our keys to the game and our pre game predictions with what actually played out on the field.

The Jaguars gave their fans great optimism, at least for a while in their 34-17 loss to the Eagles. We’re going to look at how our keys to the game played out.

Keys To A Jaguars Victory

1. Slow it down. To really slow the pace down you have to establish the run and the Jaguars never really accomplished that. You also have to make third downs and the team was terrible at that.

2. Take some chances. There weren’t a lot of spots where the Jaguars could’ve taken some chances but they didn’t. To be fair, they spent the entire first half leading so sticking to the game plan at that point is understandable. I guess Gus Bradley took the biggest chance by starting Chad Henne and it worked for exactly one half.

3. Win the turnover battle. The Jaguars did actually win the turnover battle, 3-1. They scored on two of their three turnovers and without those the offense didn’t really do much.

4. Be efficient on 3rd down. The Jags offense was the antithesis of efficiency, especially on 3rd down. It took them nearly three quarters before they converted their first 3rd down (0-9 to start the game). They finished converting just 2 of 14 third downs.

5. Put the game on Nick Foles. Nick Foles wasn’t nearly as good as his 27-45, 322 yard, 2/1 statline would suggest. The Jaguars hit Foles, rattled him into three turnovers, and did a reasonably good job against the run (with the exception of one play). The game plan was sound.

What We’ll Be Saying On Monday

1. The Jaguars played hard. They did and always do play hard under Gus Bradley. The team played better than most expected in the first half and probably worse than most expected in the second. There are plenty of positives to build on.

2. Toby Gerhart put up stats. The stats he put up weren’t great as he gained just 42 yards on 18 carries. Gerhart couldn’t really get going as he suffered an ankle injury on a horse-collar tackle (that wasn’t really a horse-collar). The Eagles often stacked the box and forced the game on Henne.

3. Chad Henne didn’t turn it over. We were almost right. Henne turned the ball just one time but it do go for a touchdown. Quarterbacks are judged in crunch time and on 3rd down and Henne failed miserably in those areas.

4. The Jaguars forced turnovers. The defense forced three turnovers and did their part. They were often victimized in the second half by the offense’s three-and-outs and were gassed at the end of the game when the Eagles scored their points.

5. The Jaguars didn’t lose too much ground. Both the Texans and Titans won so the Jags are looking up at them already. Divisions aren’t won or lost after one week.

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