Gus Bradley's Bad Decisions

We discuss the lack of roster talent and how it can be fixed sooner, rather than later. We also hear an opponent's take on the team.

It doesn’t get much worse than what Jaguars fans saw on Sunday. A 41-10 loss to a team which scored just six points in their opener and won less than a handful of games last season was truly embarrassing.

The Jaguars-Redskins debacle probably isn’t representative of the talent disparity between the two teams. But it certainly was on Sunday.

Cam Bradfield played about the worst game you’ll ever see an offensive lineman play. He was later released. Chad Henne simply isn’t a starting caliber quarterback and the Jaguars safety position has been a brutal mess ever since Jonathan Cyprien was knocked out during Week 1.

“In my honest opinion, this is a team that’s waiting around until they can get Blake Bortles ready to go,” Redskins safety Ryan Clark said. “That’s how you’re supposed to play against a team like that, a team down its No. 1 receiver and missing a very good receiver due to suspension. You’re supposed to play well against them. It’s not any barometer of how good we can be this season or how good we were [Sunday].

“If there’s a guy who can’t block Ryan Kerrigan, then Ryan Kerrigan should beat him off the ball and make sacks. Should he make four? I don’t know about that. That’s Ryan going above and beyond. There’s a guy who can’t block [Brian Orakpo], he needs to beat him. A guy can’t block [Jason Hatcher], he needs to beat him. Guys who can’t beat [David Amerson] and [DeAngelo Hall], we need to cover them. That’s what you do against a team that’s better than you.”

Ryan Clark’s comments should hit home. That’s because he’s right. The Jaguars simply don’t have the roster depth to overcome injuries- at any position. They have only had two drafts since the Gene Smith virus which decimated the roster and the franchise left town.

Even at full strength the Jaguars are behind the 8-ball every time they trot Chad Henne out to take snaps from center. In every game the Jaguars play this season, their opponent’s quarterback will be better than Henne. It’s not impossible to win when you don’t have the better quarterback but it’s very difficult. When you take into account the lack of roster depth and other playmakers, it seems close to impossible.

Chad Henne needs everyone around him playing at an unbelievably high level to succeed. For a Henne-led team to make the playoffs you need a roster like the Seattle Seahawks or Denver Broncos, who have very few holes, if any.

Gus Bradley made a lot of poor decisions in Sunday’s game. He called timeout with three seconds before halftime allowing Washington to run one more play to throw into the end zone. He kept veteran tight end Marcedes Lewis in the game in the fourth quarter of a blowout game only to see Lewis suffer a high ankle sprain which will keep him out until November. Bradley also called a timeout at the end of the game to run another play in which rookie wideout Allen Hurns injured his leg.

As bad as all of those decisions were, the decision to not play Blake Bortles is by far the worst. The Jaguars can’t compete for a playoff spot with this roster. There’s nothing wrong with beginning the future now and if you have to take your lumps, take them with the rookie quarterback who gave everyone hope in the preseason.

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