What We Learned Against the Colts

There was a lot that went wrong for the Jaguars on Sunday, but find out the improvements that were made when Blake Bortles entered the game. We compare our keys to victory with what actually occurred on the football field.

The Jaguars were blown out for the third consecutive week, but the fans left reasonably happy as the Blake Bortles era has begun. We’re going to look at what went wrong for the team as we compare our keys to victory with what actually took place on the football field.

Keys To A Jaguars Victory

1. Play some keep away. The Jaguars were dominated in time of possession, 37:03 to 22:57. The team didn’t get a first down until halfway through the second quarter. A bad defense had to be on the field an inordinate amount of time against a great quarterback. The result was expected.

2. Convert on third down. Jacksonville was a season high 4 for 10 on third down. During the first half with Chad Henne, they were 1 for 5, leading to the change at quarterback.

3. Protect the quarterback. We suspected that the offensive line wasn’t quite as bad as it appeared as Chad Henne has been holding the football. Henne dropped back just 10 times and was sacked three times. Blake Bortles dropped back 24 times and was only sacked once.

4. Tackle better. The Jaguars defense tackled a little better on Sunday, but they didn’t cover particularly well. The Colts had open receivers streaking all across the field and Andrew Luck had a Hall of Fame type of afternoon.

5. Find some big plays. The Jaguars simply made no big plays offensively or defensively in the first half, hence the 30-0 deficit. In the second half, the energy changed and the outlook for the season changed.

What We’ll Be Saying On Monday

1. The Jaguars defense did a better job against the run. The Jaguars really didn’t do a better job against the run. Indianapolis ran for 144 yards on 29 carries, and Trent Richardson of all people had a 27-yard run.

2. Andrew Luck will show why he was the first-overall pick. Luck was absolutely brilliant, as he completed 31 of 39 throws, for 370 yards, four touchdowns without an interception. He posted a 140.4 quarterback rating.

3. When will we see Blake Bortles? We saw Blake Bortles in the second half and he made some rookie mistakes but showed his unquestionable talent. It’s Bortles job going forward and the Jaguars will be better off for it.

4. The Colts tight ends will make some plays. The Jaguars have struggled to cover tight ends since the franchise’s inception. Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen combined for 8 catches for 92 yards and a pair of touchdowns.

5. Better luck next week. This wasn’t going to be a winnable game for the Jaguars, and after they wasted a half with Chad Henne at quarterback they actually outscored Indy 17-14 in the second half. The team will be more competitive going forward with a quarterback that they can believe in.

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