Nic Jacobs Scouting Report

Find out what the Jaguars newest tight end, Nic Jacobs strengths and weaknesses are and why he declared early for the draft.

The Jaguars plucked former LSU and McNeese State tight end Nic Jacobs from the Saints practice squad on Tuesday. Find out what we can expect from the team’s newest tight end.

In a team with glaring holes, one of the most glaring is at the tight end position. With Marcedes Lewis down until likely November with a high ankle sprain, the team has been left with Mickey Shuler and Clay Harbor, neither or which has a reception this season.

Nic Jacobs, an undrafted rookie, has a legitimate opportunity to earn some playing time.

We asked writer Alex Hickey, who covered Jacobs last year at McNeese State about the 6-foot-5, 269 pound tight end.

Everyone was a bit surprised he came out early, but he had a second kid on the way and felt it was what he had to do,” Hickey said of the early entry draftee who didn’t get drafted.

So how should the Jaguars use his skill set?

His NFL future will probably be in Ace/two-TE sets. He was used almost exclusively as a blocker while at LSU, but showed really good athleticism at McNeese as a receiver. Not just against FCS teams either -- he torched South Florida in the season opener. But... that was also like the fourth-best team McNeese played. Maybe fifth?

What is Nic Jacobs’ most likely upside?

I don't think he'll ever be a primary tight end, but he definitely has the size and talent to stick. And be the ultimate fantasy vulture.

If you’re waiting for Mickey Shuler or Clay Harbor to break out you’ll probably be waiting for a while. Starting quarterback Blake Bortles can throw the ball all over the field and a huge target like Jacobs over the middle could be just what he needs. Jacobs should also help in the running game as the Jags are ranked 30th in the NFL.

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