Jaguars After Further Review

There were some good performances and some not so good performances on Sunday afternoon for the Jaguars. After looking at the tape, we've pointed out some positive and negative individual performances.

The Jaguars were competitive in a home game against a good team. Although the NFL is a results oriented business, the Jaguars are effectively babies and these are baby steps.

“I also pointed out, to make something clear, that it’s not OK to lose,” Bradley said. “That’s also part of our culture. It is not OK. We set up our culture, we strive to get better, we strive to be our best all for the very reason so that we can reach the objective of winning.

“It’s that strict. I want to make sure it’s clear to them that it’s not OK. They know it, but I think it’s a message that needs to be stressed.”

After we reviewed Sunday’s loss, there were some things to like and areas of concern. We’re going to go over them.

Things To Like

Storm Johnson- The rookie running back ran really well in his limited opportunities. He displayed great vision and a good amount of burst. His first touch went for 20 yards and he finished as the team’s leading rusher with 27 yards on just four carries. He needs more touches.

“How could you argue that Storm in the little plays he had showed up and did some good things?” Bradley said.

*Bradley added of a running game that produced 56 yards on 17 carries, “I feel like the run game was pretty good. If anything, we should have run the ball more.” …

Demetrius McCray- The cornerback played remarkably well against an elite quarterback and wide receiver. McCray competed well with the ball in the air and the Jaguars defense as a whole played their best game of the season.

Sen’Derrick Marks- Marks rebounded after a tough few games as he had a hit on Ben Roethlisberger and a tackle for loss. Marks appears to be the best player on the Jaguars defensive line.

Things Not To Like

Paul Posluszny- Although Poz is one of the NFL’s leaders in tackles, he’s perpetually out of position. Posluszny is an absolute liability in coverage and hasn’t been getting enough depth in the Jaguars zone. He’s missing tackles and at this point the team needs to think about making a change.

Luke Joeckel- The Jaguars second-year tackle hasn’t been the player that the team hoped he would be at this point. It doesn’t mean he’s not going to get better, but at this point he hasn’t been particularly good and the decision to let Eugene Monroe go via trade seems to be a poor one.

Allen Hurns- Hurns stats still look very good as he leads the team in receiving yards, but he dropped three passes on Sunday and had a penalty nullifying a big run. I’m not sure if it’s an eyesight issue or a concentration issue, but Hurns looks like he’s fighting the football every time it’s thrown to him.

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