Behind Enemy Lines- Part I

We ask Orange and Brown report writer Lane Adkins some in-depth questions about the Cleveland Browns and this Sunday's matchup.

Charlie Bernstein: By now everyone is aware of the Brian Hoyer story. Do you see him as someone who can be a legitimate long-term starter for the Browns or do you need to see more?

Lane Adkins: Browns QB Brian Hoyer has played well and a catalyst in the early success of the Browns. While the sample size is relatively small (8 games, 6-2 as a starter), needing to see more of the Cleveland native is a necessity to gage whether Hoyer is a long term solution for the Browns endless QB woes.

CB: The loss of Alex Mack seems to be pretty big, but the Browns have one of the best, if not the best offensive line in the NFL. How much did Mack mean to the offense and how big is the drop off without him?

LA: Alex Mack is arguably one of the best centers in the game, his high level of play, consistency and leadership will be missed. Staring right guard John Greco stepped in for Mack and played well in the Browns 31-10 thrashing of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Being a staple of the Browns offensive line, replacing Mack for an extended period of time will be difficult in maintaining the level of play the unit has produced at through the first five games of the season.

CB: Tight ends have feasted on the Jaguars defense this year and Jordan Cameron is certainly a very good one. How much do you think he'll be involved in Sunday's game plan?

LA:Tight end Jordan Cameron has been nursing an AC joint injury since training camp and hasn't been the focal point of the Browns offense due to the injury issue. Cameron is as healthy as he has been since the early days of camp and is a favorite target of Hoyer. In a Browns offense which has done a good job in exposing the weakness of the opposition, Cameron could be a focal point come Sunday in Jacksonville.

CB: Cleveland appears to have a nice set of young running backs with Ben Tate, Terrance West and Isaiah Crowell. Is it a true running back by committee or will Ben Tate get the majority of the work when he's healthy?

LA:Ben Tate is experienced in the Browns zone blocking scheme based offense and has played well. Coming off a knee injury in the season opener, Tate has regained his starting role after missing two games and will be the primary running back against the Jaguars. Isaiah Crowell has been the number-two back, leading the league in rushes of over 15 yards.

CB: Former Florida cornerback Joe Haden has the reputation of being one of the best in the game at his position. How would you rate his play this season?

LA:Many outside of Cleveland don't realize Joe Haden has been battling injuries since training camp. Haden missed time with a foot injury and of late a hip injury which has hampered his explosiveness and change of direction ability. Due to the Injury factor and the much closer rule enforcement against defenders using their hands, Haden hasn't had the stellar season many anticipated.

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